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Nearly a dozen people were shot and wounded in an early Sunday morning shooting in New Orleans’s famed French Quarter district, according to local police.

Two of 10 people are in critical condition, local police said in a press statement. Authorities detained one person of interest but have made no arrests in connection to the shooting, Police Supt. Shaun Ferguson told reporters.

“Unfortunately, there were so many people out here that we were unable to determine who was actually firing these shots at that time,” Ferguson told reporters.

Police responded to the scene ahead of the annual Thanksgiving weekend football game between Grambling State and Southern University, The Associated Press reported.

The shooting comes after a spate of similar incidents earlier this year.

Seven people died in August from a shooting in the Odessa, Texas, area. A gunman shot at least 21 people. Two people died and another four were wounded following a school shooting in November at a Santa Clarita, California, school.

  • LST says:

    No surprise, coming from the Big Sleazy shit-hole of a city. More than half occupied by uncivilized niggers.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Need Uniform national Mass shooter Plan:
    Local needs
    State, regional
    Plan shows:
    How to respond
    Arming citizens
    Beef up Pvt Security more
    Alarms & sensors & CCTV arrays
    By area
    & involve: Chamb Commerce, local business, colleges, HS, Govt, alone
    & Arm citizens.

  • Carl says:

    Why report this until you have the facts on who did the shooting and why.

  • CF