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Gov. Wanda Vázquez fired the heads of Puerto Rico’s housing and family departments Sunday in the latest fallout over the discovery of a warehouse filled with emergency supplies dating from Hurricane Maria.

The removal of Housing Secretary Fernando Gil and Department of Family Secretary Glorimar Andújar came a day after the governor fired the director of Puerto Rico’s emergency management agency. Vázquez fired him hours after a Facebook video showed angry people breaking into the warehouse in an area where thousands have been in shelters since a recent earthquake.

“There have been actions by government officials that have been completely unacceptable,” the governor said Sunday.

Vázquez said she decided on the additional firings after meeting with leaders of her administration Sunday morning and officials were unable to provide information she requested about other collection and distribution centers.

“They weren’t able to personally tell me specifically where these centers were located, what they contained and whether an inventory was completed,” she said.

Vázquez did not elaborate on why Gil and Andújar were singled out, saying only that she had lost confidence in them.

Anger erupted in Puerto Rico on Saturday after an online blogger posted a live video of the warehouse in the southern coastal city of Ponce filled with water bottles, cots, baby food and other basic supplies that had apparently been sitting there since Hurricane Maria battered the U.S. territory in September 2017.

The blogger, Lorenzo Delgado, said he had received a tip about the warehouse but did not specify when. A group of people broke into the warehouse and began distributing supplies to those affected by the recent 6.4 magnitude quake that killed one person and caused damage across Puerto Rico’s southern region. More than 7,000 people remain in shelters as strong aftershocks continue.

Ponce Mayor María Meléndez said she was outraged, noting that she and other mayors were trying to find basic supplies since the quake.

“I spent several days requesting cots and water,” she said. “They sent me to Cabo Rojo for the cots and to San Juan for the water. If I had known that those supplies were there, I would have demanded that they be taken out immediately.”

When asked how it was possible that she did not know about the existence of the warehouse, Vázquez replied, “That’s what the head of agencies are for … to inform the governor.”

Vázquez said she worried that the warehouse discovery and the fallout would affect the credibility of the territorial government in Washington, which has temporarily retained some federal funds for Maria relief amid concerns of corruption and mismanagement.

  • Mickey says:

    You need to apologize to the president and the American people for your incompetence and lying. Then you need to resign and be placed in prison for at least the time the people done without these supplies. You can’t make this stuff up. The Democrats are ruining this country.

    • Bill Kress says:

      I’m gonna just guess that what was so-called found in this warehouse didn’t scoem any where near the total the amount of money our president stiffed the veterans for — was it a million he pledged (I mean, lied) about sending?

  • Dave says:

    The USA needs to sever all ties with PR, they are a third world environment. The ignorance of the people responsible for controlling the supplies is appalling. We here in the USA have personally sent supplies only to find out that some idiot hoarded them. No more aid or help from me, PR, your on your own. The USA needs to rid the territorial relationship with PR!

  • cathy says:

    Hey Ms. Gov…..WOW what luck!!!!
    Amassing they turned up after the ” temporary retain of federal funds”!

  • mary says:

    Now, all of the food packages and etc., will have to be examined and toss out because of expired dates. That is so sad.

  • Trump 2030 says:

    Give them their freedom and their sovereignty and cut those fuckers loose. They’re nothing but an entry hole for illegal migrants, drug dealers, sex traffickers and money launderers.
    Besides they hate Donald Trump and they hate Christian white middle-aged capitalist men like me.

  • Dusty says:

    What have we done here in the US who sent billions over there done to find out why this was allowed to even happen? We just send anything and oh okay they will do the right thing. NO. Stop this and we have people who go and make sure. I know of a friend who was there on medical as a nurse with some Dr after the storm and she saw all kinds of containers sitting and no one moving to do a thing. Why could she said not have used the people themselves to move out the items in these containers. Stuff rotted. WHY? Yet we hear that this President did nothing? They were bankrupt before the storm? What media is the true story here?

  • CF