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A beloved 92-year-old woman was sexually abused and murdered by a 21-year-old illegal alien after New York refused to hand him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Reeaz Khan claims that he found Maria Fuertes laying on the ground in Queens when he got on top of her to try to help. He claims that his belt broke, pants fell down, and his penis fell near her vagina. At this point, he says, he lost control and tried to have sex with her.

“As I walked down the sidewalk I saw someone, a lady on the floor to the side of me,” Khan told the New York Daily News of the sexual assault and murder. “I should have kept walking and just not helped but it’s in my heart to help.”

The Daily News reports that “prosecutors say he was caught on surveillance video approaching Maria Fuertes from behind while she was still standing, checking a pile of garbage bags for returnable empties on 127th St. in South Richmond Hill just after midnight Jan. 6.

The video shows them then falling to the ground together, disappearing from view behind a car for four sickening minutes just around the corner from the victim’s home.”

ICE had previously attempted to take Khan, a Guyanese national, into custody in November — but he was protected by New York’s sanctuary laws.

“Reeaz Khan, 21, an unlawfully present Guyanese national, was arrested Jan. 10 by the NYPD and charged with murder, sexual abuse, contact by forcible compulsion, and sexual abuse against a person incapable of consent. Khan was previously released from local law enforcement custody in November 2019 with an active detainer, due to New York City’s sanctuary policies,” ICE said in a statement.

Khan was previously arrested by the NYPD on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon in November. The same day he was arrested, ERO deportation officers lodged a detainer with the NYPD, but the detainer was not honored, and Khan was released following his arraignment.

“It is made clear that New York City’s stance against honoring detainers is dangerously flawed. It was a deadly choice to release a man on an active ICE detainer back onto the streets after his first arrest included assault and weapon charges, and he now faces new charges, including murder,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ERO New York.

“New York City’s sanctuary policies continue to threaten the safety of all residents of the five boroughs, as they repeatedly protect criminal aliens who show little regard for the laws of this nation. In New York City alone, hundreds of arrestees are released each month with pending charges and/or convictions to return back into the communities where they committed their crimes, instead of being transferred into the custody of ICE. Clearly the politicians care more about criminal illegal aliens than the citizens they are elected to serve and protect.”

According to court documents, Fuertes died at Jamaica Hospital with a fractured spine, broken ribs, internal hemorrhaging and tears in her vagina.

  • LST says:

    Fucking New York assholes. The scumbag should have been shot on sight.

  • frederick f. says:

    This is a crime committed by a deranged person. He broke a 92 year old woman’s spine, several ribs and ruptured her vagina while also causing internal hemorrhaging. Think of the pain he caused her to suffer. I am ex-military and I have experienced several injuries but nothing like this poor woman went through. She is dead and he deserves to join her. What in the hell are we doing to our country??? Are we really so stupid that we can not see where all this is going???

  • Fred Sheehan says:

    All officials responsible for the New York City’s sanctuary policies resulting in release of this individual must be held personally responsible. and suffer severe legal consequences. Only personal and immediate consequences will prevent future occurrences.

    • Annabel says:

      Fred you are absolutely right: EVERY SINGLE ONE INCLUDING DE BLASIO SHOULD BE REMOVED AND PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. …and we should keep on screaming this until it happens. After all that is what the left does…scream until everyone else caves. How were we taught to respond to bullies? Right back in their faces at them as they are the cowards.

  • Rick says:

    democrats care more about illegals than the people of this country…

  • Gerry says:

    Hey scumbags cuomo,deblasio,schumer,nadler — how’s your BS laws protecting illegals working out for you no good worthless PsOS ?????

  • Don says:

    Cut a mofo’s d:;$& off

  • Wilson says:

    Next time he should “fall” on the barrel of a shotgun and the trigger accidentally pulls. I’m sorry but what kind of dumb ass besides a liberal would fall for his pants story?

  • CF