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The transcript of a deposition given in October in the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump shows a heated exchange between Reps. Matt Gaetz and Adam Schiff, the California Democrat overseeing the impeachment push.

The argument took place early on in the Oct. 14 deposition of Fiona Hill, who served as the top White House adviser on Russia issues until July. A transcript of the deposition released Friday indicates that Gaetz, a Florida Republican, bust into the deposition room in Kool-Aid man-like fashion to protest that members of the House Judiciary Committee were not allowed to take part in the proceedings.

Schiff ordered Gaetz to “absent yourself” from the room. Gaetz protested and received support from GOP Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the ranking member of the oversight committee, which is one of the three committees taking part in the impeachment proceedings.

At one point during the tiff, Schiff said he would deduct from the time allotted to Republicans to question Hill because of Gaetz’s intrusion.

“Mr. Gaetz, you’re not permitted to be in the room,” Schiff said, according to the transcript.

“I am on the judiciary committee,” Gaetz shot back.

Schiff replied that the judiciary committee was not a part of the hearing.

“I thought the judiciary committee has jurisdiction over impeachment,” said Gaetz.

“Mr. Gaetz, you’re not permitted to be in the room. Please leave,” said Schiff.

Jordan interjected to defend Gaetz.

“Mr. Chairman, really?” asked Jordan.

“Yes, really,” the Democrat responded.

“You’re going to include members of Congress on committees that have roles of impeachment,” Gaetz continued.

“Mr. Gaetz, take your statement to the press,” Schiff said. “They do you no good here. So please, absent yourself.”

GOP Texas Rep. Chip Roy attempted a similar breach during a deposition on Oct. 22 with Bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine. Roy interrupted Taylor’s deposition to ask when transcripts of witness interviews would be released the to public.

  • Randie says:

    It is so very obvious that Adam Schiff is a bias hostile politician overseeing these hearings. My question is Why is he Not being removed?

  • Matt says:

    Mr Bulge-Eye shows himself for what he is. An egotistical nitwit.

  • Gizzy says:

    Schitt thinks he’s making himself relevant! He isn’t! He’s a partisan hack, with intentions of “getting” the president from the day he was elected. Remember during the Russis investigation “I have the goods on the President” he said. That was a lie. He and Pelosi, Nadler Schumer and the rest just don’t like Trump, that’s why they want him gone! When Barr’s investigation into the FISA report is done, they all better start running because I believe this whole coup was from the top down. Remember HRC was supposed to win. She didn’t, so it tore up their playhouse. NOW the citizens of America will know whats been going on in Washington for the last 8-10 years.

  • Excuse me, i have to go to the bathroom and leave a shift, i must be sure to clean all the shift off my asshole.

  • Arif says:

    Just put Schiff and Matt in a Boxing ring and i can assure you that that Jew with Owl eyes will piss in his pants

  • Arif says:

    I bet when Schitt Dies no one will even come to his Funeral except Nancy Piglocy. He such a Loathsome character

  • bill says:

    and here we are in front of a kangaroo court and a bunch of pissed off pussies that absolutely refuse to accept an election result that THEY had rigged in the first place. This whole fiasco is intolerable to the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the PEOPLE will not accept this type of communistic “rule”. And now the sore loosers are going to deduct time from the interviews when they feel someone is getting to the bottom of the corruptness of the demonratic party. WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA,,,this is NOT what AMERICA is about.

  • CF