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During a Justice Department oversight hearing on Friday, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker delved into the “deeply concerning” revelation that a team of CNN reporters were somehow present at the early morning FBI raid and arrest of former Trump associate Roger Stone on January 25.

“It was deeply concerning to me as to how CNN found out about that,” Whitaker told the House Judiciary Committee.

CNN, a network often hostile to President Donald Trump, posted “exclusive footage” from Stone’s Ft. Lauderdale residence at around 6:30 a.m. on the Friday morning the 66-year-old was raided by nearly 30 armed FBI agents.

“Watch exclusive CNN footage of the FBI arresting longtime Trump associate Roger Stone. Stone has been indicted by a grand jury on charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller,” boasted a tweet from the network.


“The court had a sealed indictment that after Mr. Stone’s arrest was unsealed,” explained Whitaker, according to The Daily Caller. “Consistent with all its prior indictments, the DOJ’s basic policy for transparency in criminal cases is that the indictment is posted on the DOJ website, probably after it is unsealed, and then media outlets were notified.”

“I do not know of any other special counsel’s office notice or DOJ notice to media outlets regarding Mr. Stone’s indictment, or his arrest,” the acting AG added.

As suspicions grew over an apparent tip-off to the network, a CNN producer amazingly claimed their team of reporters were at Stone’s residence at that time due to “reporter’s instinct.”

“It’s reporter’s instinct,” said CNN producer David Shortell, as reported by The Washington Examiner. “The whole Russia team thought maybe something was happening.”

“There was some unusual grand jury activity in Washington, D.C. yesterday,” said Shortell. “Robert Mueller’s grand jury typically meets on Fridays. Yesterday, Thursday, there was grand jury activity.”

“We also had some other signs that maybe something was going on this angle, the Roger Stone angle,” the producer added. “So we showed up at his house this morning, we were the only ones there, and lo and behold, the FBI agents did come.”

“Stone has been indicted on seven counts: five counts of making false statements, one count of witness tampering, and one count of obstruction. None of the charges include conspiring with Russian agents or WikiLeaks; instead, they are charges related to the process of the investigation, as is the case with most of the charges thus far brought by Mueller,” reported The Daily Wire on January 25.

The Stone indictment “provides the most detail to date about how Trump campaign associates were aware in the summer of 2016 that emails had been stolen from the Hillary Clinton campaign and wanted them released. It alleges that unnamed senior Trump campaign officials contacted Stone to ask when the stolen emails might be disclosed,” reported the Associated Press, adding, “The indictment does not charge Stone with conspiring with WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website that published the emails, or with the Russian officers Mueller says hacked them. … Instead, it accuses him of witness tampering, obstruction and false statements about his interactions related to WikiLeaks’ release. Some of those false statements were made to the House intelligence committee, according to the indictment.”


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  1. ca

    February 10, 2019 at 3:09 am

    or more likely, cnn is lying and whitaker KNOWS they are lying…. time to drop the hammer on leakers acting AG whitaker…. time to make acting AG the permanent AG

  2. Michael Patterson

    February 10, 2019 at 3:16 am

    Mueller gets to get and run an illegal investigation and illegally leak stuff to CNN with out any facing any charges just like Hillary Clinton this is disgusting! We need to destroy the deep state now.

  3. Randie

    February 10, 2019 at 3:21 am

    What’s scary is that Mueller failed to find Anything according to the Original Indictment. He created crimes using this phony investigation to create guilt. A Run Away Special Prosecutor, Accountable to No One with Unlimited scope and Funds

  4. Silas Longshot

    February 10, 2019 at 3:25 am

    Reporters instincts? I call BS on that one, particularly since it’s CNN. Of course it was leaked to these Trump hating morons!
    And the over the top raid was special too. This is like the FBI overblown raids on the Branch Davidians, the Ruby Ridge assault or the Elian Gonzales kid being snatched to be sent back to Cuba

    Here’s a pic of the kid being snatched at gunpoint:

  5. Eric M.

    February 10, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    WTF? 30 men armed like they were soldiers doing house to house searches for insurgents in Iraq! I would like someone to explain the reasoning for that much weaponry to me. What were they afraid of? Were they expecting grandpa to jump out of the door like Rambo and start gunning everybody down? Something stinks here!

    By the way, this is exactly how they will confiscate our guns if the Dems have they’re way.

  6. Patriot 1951

    February 10, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    The whole thing stinks like Washington’s left-wing swamp. CNN was tipped off by a leaker, and as far as any credibility or “reporter instinct”, this dubious progressive mouthpiece couldn’t tell the truth if it bit them on the butt. This Kristallnacht invasion on Roger Stone’s home was completely unwarranted, a strong-arm overreach by our now-questionable Deep State Fascist Bureau of Intimidation. Since Comey, the FBI has lost all credibility with mainstream America, and events like this only underscore this agency’s rank corruption. Who will be next?

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