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Black Lives Matter activists stormed a neighborhood area in Seattle earlier this week where they shouted obscenities at white residents whom they accused of gentrification and stealing their property, telling them to “give black people back their homes.”

“All y’all white motherf***ers get the f*** out our neighborhoods so we can go back to [inaudible] … get the f*** out,” one activist yelled. “Get the f*** out and give sh** back. Give us our sh** back. Get the f*** out and give us our sh** back.”

“Pay the fee,” another activist said. “Open your purse.”

“Get this back, man, we comin for it, reparations,” another activist appeared to yell. “Get us our sh** back. Give us our equity back.”

WATCH (Warning: video contains explicit language):

“Give us your house, give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably, comfortable as f*** and [inaudible] helped gentrify this neighborhood. I used to live in this neighborhood … and my family was pushed out while you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends.”

“Hey you work for Amazon, don’t you. You work for Amazon, don’t you? Because the majority of the people that live in the Central District work for Amazon because it’s an easier commute to [inaudible]. Well guess what? The guy you work for is part of the f***ing problem too. So, let’s not act like, you are just oblivious to the sh** because you knew about it all along and you’re okay with it. But guess what? We’re not and we’re bringing it to your front f***in door. So what the f*** do you plan to do about it?”

WATCH (Warning: video contains explicit language):

Another activist said, “We want it all. We want everything we supposed to have. Period. And then some too because everything we supposed to have ain’t enough. It damn sure ain’t enough. Not for all the years that we didn’t have to suffer, it damn sure ain’t enough. You feel what I’m saying? So like, yeah serious man, like–”

WATCH (Warning: video contains explicit language):

HotAir editor John Sexton provided the following context and commentary about the incident that unfolded in the Seattle neighborhood:

How fringe is this group? I watched through the livestream and discovered they had held an impromptu outdoor meeting with King County councilmember Girmay Zahilay just a few minutes before this. Zahilay who is newly elected, was asked what more protesters could advocate for.

“I say this land transfer stuff is really important,” he said. He continued, “One of the pieces of the Black Lives Matter demands is economic justice for black people for indigenous people. That needs to look like land transfer in my opinion because land is wealth. Land gets you the facilities and the buildings that you need to take care of one another.”

He said his generation was tired of “symbolic gestures.” “We don’t want that s**t anymore, we want land…give back the land to the people that need it,” he said. Zahilay was talking specifically about land owned by King County but maybe that didn’t fully penetrate with the protesters. It appears what they got from it was: Give us your house.

Seattle has been rocked by numerous violent riots in recent weeks that have resulted in scores of Seattle Police officers being injured. Things have gotten so bad in Seattle that Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best resigned this week due to “the disrespect shown all SPD officers.”

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