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On Wednesday, actress and pro-life advocate Patricia Heaton tore into the Democratic Party for its increasingly radical position on the issue of abortion and its open shunning of pro-lifers.

“I don’t understand why pro-life people want to know if they are ‘welcome’ to join the [D]emocrat[ic] [P]arty,” Heaton posted via social media.

“Why would any civilized person want to support a barbaric platform that champions abortion for any reason through all nine months funded by taxpayers?” the “Carol’s Second Act” star asked.

Heaton noted that she did not vote for President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election and does not plan to do so this year, either — thus further underscoring the alienating extremism of the modern Democratic Party.

“P.S. I didn’t vote in the last presidential cycle and will not be voting in this one,” she wrote. “I am not a Trump supporter.”

Democratic presidential candidates have started to openly shun pro-life Democrats from their party.

For example, former South Bend, Indiana, mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, an open Christian framed by the media as the party’s moderate candidate, told a pro-life Democrat in January that her views on abortion are not welcome in the party.

“So my question was would you be open to language like that in the Democratic platform that really did say that our party is diverse and inclusive and we want everybody?” the pro-life Democrat asked Buttigieg, as highlighted by The Daily Wire.

“Well I support the position of my party, that this kind of medical care needs to be available to everyone, and I support the Roe vs. Wade framework that holds that early in pregnancy there are very few restrictions and late in pregnancy there are very few exceptions, and again the best I can offer is that we may disagree on that very important issue and hopefully we will be able to partner on other issues,” the candidate responded.

Moreover, this month, Buttigieg refused to denounce abortion post-birth:

“But what if a woman wanted to, I don’t know, invoke infanticide after a baby was born, you’d be comfortable with that?” [asked “The View” co-host Meghan McCain.]

“Does anybody seriously think that’s what these cases were about?” Buttigieg lashed out.

“There are people pushing for that, yes,” McCain noted.

Buttigieg responded by refusing disavow infanticide.

“Think, think about the situation, if this is a late-term situation, then by definition it’s one where a woman was expecting to carry the pregnancy to term, then she gets the most perhaps devastating news of her life,” Buttigieg responded. “We’re talking about families that that may have picked out a name, may be assembling a crib, and they learn something excruciating and are faced with this terrible choice, and I don’t know what to tell them morally about what they should do; I just know that I trust her and her decision medically or morally isn’t gonna be any better because the government is commanding her to do it in a certain way.”

It’s not just “moderate” Buttigieg, of course. Not one Democratic presidential candidate has outlined a single restriction on abortion with which the candidate claims to agree.

  • Kevin says:

    All any abortion is is a sacrifice to the ancient god Molek. God hates abortion, no matter the reason. I am sorry for my part in one over 40 yrs ago and ask for forgiveness all the time. We need to repent of this sin as a nation and as individuals. Jesus forgives our sins through his shed blood if we repent of them. Believe in who he is and the gospel and be saved while there is still time.

    • Wilson says:

      By the way it is pronounced Moloch, but in no way is he a god but a demon who children and babies are sacrificed to and even the clintons worship him and hellery gave thanks to him as well as Alinsky and Crowley in her college thesis.

  • Evangeline says:

    Well, isn’t that nice, Patricia, that you are pro life. But since you don’t support our president who’s doing a fantastic job for THE COUNTRY YOU’VE MADE MILLIONS OF $ FROM, I will not be supporting you in your acting any more.

    • fredericl says:

      I am a hard line Trump supporter. I think this actor has the right to vote or not vote for anyone she wants to. She is anti-abortion and I will watch her films.

      • Evangeline says:

        Frederici, I never said she didn’t have the right to vote for who she wanted to. You put words in my mouth.

        I said I will not support any celeb that makes a public stand against Trump. She has done that in the past, too, saying if Trump’s nominated she will leave the republican party.

    • Ray says:

      Exactly she says she is pro life but won’t vote for Trump who is pro life. You would think she would do what ever she could to make sure Trump wins. So if one of these idiot Democrats win she has no right to complain

  • Gayle says:

    She is pro-life but she will not vote for the President that is standing up for life like no other president before him! Instead of helping him she is begging the baby killers to accept her belief in their party which they never will! I guess I will not support her work!

  • frederick says:

    Until mayor Pete grows some woman parts or stops diddling other men, he should shut up about things that concern women’s rights. He will never produce a child or have an abortion. At least I do not think that men diddling each other will produce a child. Maybe they do it differently in South Bend. I like riding in airplanes but, I am not a pilot I do not think anyone would like to hear my discussion on aeronautical designs.

  • CF