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Al Gore Claims God Told Him to Fight Global Warming



Former Vice President Al Gore is now telling his climate disciples that God commands us to go forth and fight global warming.

Engaging in some advanced publicity for his new global warming film spectacular, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore told Interview Magazine that God didn’t create global warming and wants us to fix it.

In his comments, Gore equated the fight against global warming to a religious-based, moral crusade similar to the civil rights fight, women’s suffrage, and the abolitionist movement during the Civil War era. Gore insisted that it is a moral imperative to fight against climate change.

“Regarding the climate movement,” Gore said warming to his point, “there are people who say, ‘God is in complete control of everything that happens, and if the Earth is getting warmer, then maybe God intends that.’”

Gore then rejected that conceit.

“Well, no,” the million-dollar mansion-owing former veep insisted. “God intends for us to take responsibility for how we treat God’s creation, and if we choose to use the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet as an open sewer for 110-million tons of global-warming pollution every day, the consequences are attributable to us.”

He concluded saying, “And if you are a believer, as I am, I think God intends for us to open our eyes and take responsibility for the moral consequences of our actions.”

Gore’s new film is a sequel to his famed “An Inconvenient Truth,” a shockumentary filled with mistaken assertions and failed predictions. Despite the many inaccuracies of his previous film, in an interview last year Gore still insisted that he “underestimated” how bad global warming is.

“I wish the film had over-estimated the seriousness of the crisis, but unfortunately it actually underestimated how serious it is,” the one-time Tennessee Senator said.

  • Valy Cabe says:

    The person who initiated this global warming is already dead and is your former professor in college. Stop this ideology Mr. Al Gore. This man’s contemporary, Mr.Coleman already said that this is just a myth. Why don’t you stop now? Is this the way you found your egg nests. What a way to make money?????

  • Jim says:

    Are you kidding me?? What a hypocrite, you waste all that energy with your plane, mansion and cars, then you tell us that God talked to you. You sir are a crazy s.o.b. if God asked you to clean up the atmosphere, you should have asked him why he left this happen in the first place. That would have a good time to ask him why he let children die, yet he lets murderers live. I would think this god can fix anything without help from us.

  • Evans Evans says:

    God also told Al Gore to go kill Man Bear Pig, and he did!! All hail Al Gore!!

  • Tom says:

    I believe Al.. god..with a little g probably did tell him…

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