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Well, it’s over. And good riddance. The vicious, Donald Trump-hating, bile-spewing and ever-whining Alec Baldwin says he’s “so done” with impersonating Trump on NBC’s weekly comedy sketch show, “Saturday Night Live.”

“I feel like I’m done with that now. I’m so done with that,” Baldwin told USA Today of his Trump impersonation.

“I can’t imagine I would do it again. I just can’t,” he said in April for an article published Thursday. “They should find somebody who wants to do it.”

Although Baldwin’s stated purpose for abandoning the Trump-mocking was the noble goal of spending more time with his family, you have to think there’s only so long any person can maintain that level of vitriol and hatefulness without it taking a toll.

Baldwin’s constant Trump-bashing on “SNL” tried the patience of even some of the most liberal observers.

Last month, an article in Vice Media, one of the most left-leaning media outlets on the planet, called out the show’s cold opens, particularly Baldwin’s Trump sketches, as being “cringeworthy pieces of self-satisfied liberal propaganda that are sometimes so bad they seem like parodies of themselves.”

In case he wasn’t clear enough, writer Harry Cheadle went on to say that “the jokes are tired references to current events that never build on one another. Instead, they are limply tossed out as obvious applause lines to an anti-Trump crowd.”

And as almost everyone, including Baldwin, knows, Trump himself is not a big fan.

The president tweeted last year that Baldwin’s “dying mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL.”

In a desperate attempt to look funny, Baldwin once even said first lady Melania Trump was a fan of his Trump impression — a claim that was backed up by absolutely zero evidence.

As if the embarrassment of being a liar and not being funny wasn’t enough, Baldwin tried to launch his own Trump-bashing show, only to deliver ratings that can best be described as gloriously humiliating.

Although Baldwin couldn’t figure out how to keep his own TV show from coming in last place in the ratings, he seems to think he’s smart enough to win a national political race for the most important job in the world — president of the United States.

Yes. Baldwin thinks he could win. And he thinks he wining would be “easy.”

Back in April, he penned this little tweet:

I have my doubts whether the Baldwin family will be better off with Alec home more.

But one thing I am sure of is that comedy — and America — will be better served by his absence.

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