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ALERT: Newt Gingrich Exposes Clinton Plot To Take Down Trump, Mueller Directly Implicated [VIDEO]



There’s no doubting where the loyalties of Special Counsel Robert Mueller lie. This Deep State agent is on a mission to discredit Donald Trump’s presidency. Mueller’s appointment represents one of the biggest threats our President has faced so far.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is giving Trump and his supporters a warning. He highlights the pro-Hillary stance of Mueller’s former law firm, which gave MASSIVE amounts of money to the Clinton campaign.

The purpose of selecting a Special Counsel is to have someone who can look at the situation objectively. But how can you be objective about the President when you and your associates are directly tied to his campaign opponent?

Gingrich lays out all the facts. Robert Mueller was a partner at WilmerHale, one of the biggest law firms in the United States. As it turns out, WilmerHale is staunchly pro-Hillary. The firm gave $326,798 to Clinton for the 2016 election. The amount they gave Trump: $628.

That means Hillary got more than 99% of the total campaign donations from WilmerHale. There’s no doubt how the firm feels about President Trump. And that’s the environment from which Mueller is coming. Remember, he was a PARTNER there!

This is a huge conflict of interest. There’s no way Robert Mueller can be impartial in his role as Special Counsel. His pro-Hillary views aren’t going to disappear just because he got a fancy new title from the Justice Department.

Unfortunately, Mueller was one sneaky rat. He fooled everyone into thinking he was an honest attorney. He even fooled Gingrich, who initially praised Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel.

However, additional information is revealing who Robert Mueller really is. He’s a die-hard puppet of the establishment who’s using this bogus Russia collusion conspiracy to ruin Trump’s presidency.

It’s also important to remember that Robert Mueller and James Comey are good friends. Comey was also secretly working to delegitimize Trump. He leaked documents to the press to jump-start the creation of a Special Counsel–led by his dear friend Robert Mueller. They’re all in on the plot to destroy our President.

We also have to look at the team Robert Mueller has assembled. Federal Election Commission records are available for three of the people Mueller has picked. The records show they are major Hillary Clinton donors. As Gingrich himself said, you couldn’t have come up with this if you were writing a novel. It’s a den of anti-Trumpers!

We all know there’s no basis for the Russia collusion myth. Mueller’s goal is to fabricate evidence that would tarnish Trump’s reputation at best or serve as the basis for impeachment at worst. Our President has to move carefully.

Mueller has an enormous conflict of interest. He must recuse himself. If he won’t, it’s up to Trump to fire him. The evil plan to subvert our Republic has to stop. Get rid of all the traitors. Put the power back in the hands of the people!

Watch the video below:


  • Joan says:

    So when will the Republicans stop sitting on their hands and do something about this??? There’s no excuse for them to sit back and do nothing. They are a bunch of scared little rabbits. Do your job and stand up for the President. If they don’t, we will remember at the polls.

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  • Joan says:

    This Mueller, if he had any class or ethics would recuse himself. The fact that he hasn’t shows what a non-existent moral scope he has. Therefore, this dirtbag should be fired he is a phony sneaky, immoral, unethical pos.

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  • Anne says:

    He’s. loaded his “Hit Squad” with Democratic supporters. The only thing missing would be to put Hillary, Obama, and the main stream media on his team. This independent search is a farce with no independence at all.

  • CF