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Hollywood actress-turned-radical liberal activist Alyssa Milano has found herself in hot water after a video surfaced, one which appears to show her wearing some form of blackface. Milano has since fired back to defend herself, saying that she was not wearing blackface at all.

The years-old parody video shows Milano with makeup that darkens her face as she portrays Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi from the reality television show “Jersey Shore,” according to Daily Wire.

“The right wing trolls are using a still from this funny or die video where a [sic] parodied Snookie from Jersey Shore,” Milano wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “If you see the screen grab that they are using maybe you can shut them down with a link to the entire video.”

Twitter users, however, were not convinced, with one tweeting back to Milano a photo of her with the darkened facial make-up along with the caption, “Is she racist? #AlyssaBlackface.”

“This is me playing snookie/Jersey Shore in a funny or die video,” Milano fired back, including a link to the video.

Polizzi, who is better known by her nickname of Snooki, was born in Chile before being adopted by an Italian family. She identified as Chilean until she had a DNA test done in 2014, which revealed her ancestry was “Northern India, gypsy, Iberian American, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Jewish with roots in North Western Croatia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Russia, and Spain,” according to Newsmax.

“I would say once I was 16, 17, I started to think, ‘Why didn’t my birth parents want me? What do they look like? Do I have any brothers and sisters?’ Because I grew up an only child, I always wanted a brother or sister to grow up with,” Polizzi said when describing her early years, according to Page Six.

“I hate being an only child, it makes me a bitter b*tch that I am today. That’s why I want, like, 10 kids so they don’t feel that way,” she added. “Eventually, when I was 21, 22, I got my dad drunk and was like, ‘Dad, can you just tell me what went on? Why was I up for adoption?’”

“I can’t even imagine because I have two kids, putting up a child for adoption, to give them a better life,” Polizzi concluded. “That’s so amazing for them, that shows how much they loved me. But also I could never do that. I can’t even imagine how they felt giving me up but thank you for that.”

Milano is one of the main champions of leftist cancel culture, calling for the “cancellation” of public figures left and right for infractions that oftentimes aren’t nearly as bad as the situation in which she has now found herself. It seems that Milano doesn’t apply her own rules to herself, however, as she now expects the rest of us not to cancel her for own blackface scandal. The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze.

  • PJ says:

    Makes her look as ugly on the outside as she truly is on the inside

  • Don says:

    What movie is she making now Alyssa does black?

  • binkyxz3 says:

    If the made-up look is darker than Shaun King (aka Talcum X) then it’s blackface.

  • Rebecca Holstine says:

    So all your leftist $hit was nothing but projection…huh Alyssa? Run your mouth again why don’t you? You silly cow.

  • Dave says:

    It is very obvious that Milano is wearing black/brown/people of color face (call it what you want) and the Hollywood closet racist has been exposed. Naturally, the MSM and those on the left will give her a “democratic pass” and this story will fade into oblivion, just as it did when Milano trashed her very own “Believe All Survivors” motto when it came to a democrat being accused of rape. #cancelracistmilano

  • Paul L says:

    She’s introduced as a Hollywood actress turned radical, liberal activist. Why not just call her what she really is and that is just a JOKE .

  • CF