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Impeachment is the talk-of-the-town in Washington, D.C., but how do average Americans feel about the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump? CNN talked to fans outside Saturday’s LSU-Alabama college football game and they got an earful.

In footage that aired on CNN Saturday, Americans outside the game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, said they believe Trump is being treated unfairly — and that lawmakers should focus their energy on not “harassing” the president.

“When the man try to help the country, and you instead try to find situations to throw out his character … [there] ain’t no perfect president,” one man told CNN. “But I think he’s been treated unfairly.”

Another woman told CNN, “I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s unfair, and I wish they would focus on getting stuff done instead of harassing the president.”


The sentiment confirms what polls have suggested: that despite the focus of Democrats and the media on the impeachment inquiry against Trump, the average American views the proceedings as a nuisance, and perhaps even, as these Americans suggested, as “harassment.”

Indeed, recent analysis by the New York Times showed that while voters in the six tightest 2016 swing states do not support impeaching Trump and removing him from office — 53 percent to 43 percent — they generally support the impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, voters nationwide continue to favor Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.


    Well , if the polls say he’s not doing well then the,democratic base has nothing to worry about …..right ??
    BUT—- remener the,polls in 2016 and Trump had about a 10 % chance,of beating The corrupt
    …..and we ALL know how THAT turned out —

  • Gayle says:

    Who believes the polls?

  • mike dar says:

    When the inquiry comes to the stage where Reps can get their own witnesses and their testimony onto the National Stage… what do you think the polls will reflect? I wouldn’t be surprised that the Inquiry turns against the Deep State and is wanted even more.. just not for the same reasons Schiff wants though!

  • Stephen says:

    Awesome, keep it up, hoorah, shake up Media elites

  • CF