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At least 100 angry protesters vented their fury Monday night against a decision by a Minnesota city council to ban the Pledge of Allegiance, Fox News reported Wednesday.

The group reportedly stormed the council chambers, waved American flags and shouted “U.S.A.!”

St. Louis Park city council announced its decision following a unanimous vote, saying it was banning the pledge in consideration of the city’s “diverse community.”

St. Louis Park is located in Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s congressional district.

“We concluded that in order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community we’re going to forgo saying the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting,” Councillor Tim Brausen said before voting.

Councilmember Anne Mavity sponsored the ban, telling local NBC affiliate KARE 11 that she doesn’t believe the pledge is relevant, especially for illegal immigrants.

“Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen,” she told the station . “They certainly don’t need to come into city council chambers and pledge their allegiance to our country in order to tell us what their input is about a sidewalk in front of their home.”

St. Louis Park Mayor Jake Spano is reportedly wavering on the pledge ban, saying that not enough time and deliberation was spent on the decision to stop reciting the pledge. Mavity suggested things could merit further discussion.

Minnesota Republican Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan told “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday that she was present at the Monday night meeting, where she said she heard councillors making “disturbing” remarks.

“One of the gentlemen, Tim Brausen, said evidently Minnesotans are upset because we are playing with their hallowed traditions. So it was just this air of superiority and very disturbing all around,” she told Fox.

Carnahan expressed her desire for the councillors to respond to the public outcry over its decision to ban the pledge and understand “the error of their ways.”

  • William says:

    Fuck every one of you goddamn anti-American Liberals.

  • Earnie Bailey says:

    Voter fraud is why the Democratic Party controls the government for now. The socialist mentality sounds great to immigrants and millennials. Voting to ban the pledge of allegiance is like banning Apple pies from the county fair. It’s un-American.
    Proof of the right to vote in every state should be required. It should not include the green card holders. They are not Americans. Permanent residence does not make a person an American either. The right to vote is an American citizens right.

  • Tony says:

    What is wrong with the people of Minnesota to vote for that idiot, who has done nothing for anybody but cause people give up your right to the pledge of allegiance It won’t be long,we will have to have permission to travel anywhere.

  • TYE says:

    Just realize who’s district this is and that Minnesota is pushing to become the first all Muslim state in America!! They will then put themselves and all their residents under Sharia law wherein you will become a Muslim or be evicted from the state. After they have a firm hold on Minnesota, they will do the same to the neighboring states! This is how the Muslims will take over America, FROM WITHIN!!!!!!! BEWARE AMERICANS, watch your backs and your women (they have zero respect for American women)…….

  • Nancy says:

    They don’t have to pledge allegiance to our flag; however, they do HAVE TO RESPECT our right to do so and be respectful when we DO IT! I invite anyone who thinks America is so horrible to leave. You will not find anywhere on this earth who has the freedoms we do.

  • CF