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On the 4th of July this year two angry lesbians released their revised anti-American version of Lee Greenwood’s American classic, “God Bless the USA.”

The singing duo titled their screed “I’m ashamed to be an American” where they sing about their hatred of America and flip off the camera.

The two women say not all are free in America.

It’s not clear what century their speaking of.

The two then end with a fist in the air.

The women posted this on Independence Day.

The TikTok user Charlotte Griffith or “Midwestqueer” later deleted all of her videos.

Brandon Tatum destroyed the two idiots.

  • Rick says:

    Go lick each other….

  • Janice Rogers says:

    America is free. If you or those you are singing about don’t thinks so, go to the middle east or Africa and sing a disparaging song about their country, You’ll wish you were back in free America.

  • CF