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A Louisiana man was arrested on Saturday for licking his finger after sticking it in a tube of ice cream in a video that went viral on social media.

Lenise Martin III was taken into custody by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Department after a video of him sticking his finger inside a tube of ice cream, licking it and then placing it back into a freezer went viral online.

Martin faces charges of criminal mischief and unlawful posting for notoriety and publicity according to records from the Sheriff’s Office.

He presented the sheriff’s department with a receipt showing he had purchased after licking the ice cream. Authorities did confirm that Martin had bought the ice cream after the video ended.

Martin’s video seems to be inspired by a a San Antonio juvenile who licked a tube of Blue Bell Ice Cream at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas. The viral clip currently has over 13 million views. Authorities previously mentioned that the juvenile could be charged with a felony and face up to 20 years in prison.

Another viral video posted a few days earlier on Twitter appears to show a shopper opening a bottle of Listerine, gargling it, and then spitting the liquid back into the bottle.

The Louisiana Sheriff’s Department arrest of Martin appears to be a clear warning to anyone seeking to copy this recent online trend.

  • amie says:

    The tops of these ice cream bucket are so tight, if they have been opened, you can tell. Just be aware of what you are buying.

  • Nee says:

    Another stupid jackass, just trying to get attention.
    To the ice cream companies, you need to deal the tub before placing the top on it. If you don’t, you will be losing business.

  • souperd says:

    Any one notice the common denominator of the big lipped ice cream lickers? The mouth wash freak is a setup. Safety seal was never breeched. You can’t just open and pour. Should still be arrested.

  • RockyMtn1776 says:

    Did you even have to ask ?

  • Dale Michael Williams says:

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