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On Saturday the ‘Proud Boys’ staged a demonstration in Portland, Oregon in protest of violent, extremist far left group Antifa, who showed up in counter-protest. It was an obvious recipe for disaster for the city once again.

An extremely heavy police and National Guard presence kept the incidents of outright mayhem to a minimum as compared to past weeks, but considering these are the streets of an American city in 2019 that’s not a huge brag for the city.

Altercations and confrontations took place throughout the day, mostly caught on camera and shared on social media as the number of people filming and taking photos almost outnumbered the people who weren’t.

One journalist, Julio Rosas of the Washington Examiner and formerly of Mediaite, was there with a camera and an American flag on his shirt, and that was enough to provoke angry threats and even being surrounding menacingly by members of Antifa.

In fact, generally speaking, the Antifa folks weren’t too keen on American flags at all.

There were a lot of tense moments.

There were, in fact, neo-Nazi and skinhead groups among the demonstrators.

But it was later in the events of the day when some real violence, especially as the Proud Boys and other groups were departing by bus. You can see in the second clip below the hammer being first raised to attack and then thrown into the bus as the doors were shut.

But there was plenty of violence to go around.

One of the people leading the way in various incidents throughout the day was this shirtless man who was obviously looking for a fight.

Rosas reported that the man was eventually arrested.

Still, there was at least one funny moment to watch and rewatch.

  • Ray says:

    Sick antifa cowards. And this idiot with his camera recording everything as his big mouth keeps spewing out ignorance.

  • Dr. Kuhn says:

    Why isn’t the leftist mayor of Portland not doing his job? The “ANTIFA” are assembling and performing violent mob rule on the streets and “His Honor” ignores the issue and by ignoring the issue he condones the violent mob behavior.

  • Beto says:

    If this mob came at me I’d figure my life was in danger and I’d open fire on them.

  • Tim Woolsey says:

    Is it illegal to either open carry or conceal carry in Portland?

  • CF