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Antifa Thugs Were Caught Assaulting A Nonviolent Young Man With A Confederate Flag



Antifa hooligans were caught assaulting a nonviolent young man with a Confederate Flag at the place where Robert E. Lee’s monument was. He explained, “I wanted to honor my ancestors, people need to know they weren’t fighting for oppression or slavery.” Anyhow, the punks were insulting and attacking the man, but luckily one police officer was there to see the attack and intervene.

The American Southern families are the target of the Antifa hooligans who are looking for trouble. And one young man was going to become another Antifa victim if the police officer wasn’t there to stop them. He went to the place where the statue stood for almost a hundred years and just stood there to honor General Lee.

Recently the police were criticized for the way they handled the Charlottesville violence, but we all know that is due to the Democrat leader and of course to the mayor. So, this police officer was pretty mad when he saw what was happening. He rushed over to a young man and told him few words that scared the thugs while escorting him away from the battlefield. It was then when the young man addressed the group ““I wanted to honor my ancestors, people need to know they weren’t fighting for oppression or slavery.”

One dishonorable Antifa woman was filming the whole incident, and while the young man and the cop were heading towards the police car she said, “You couldn’t walk out on the front by yourself, so proud and brave.” After her inappropriate comment, the cop just replied, “I’m doing what you asked me to do,” indicating that she was the one who called the cops, and continued, “You want another day like Saturday, don’t you? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

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  • Daryel miller says:

    does all this crap mean we put an end to Civil war reenacting ????? are we going to let these mindless bastards control the country this is sick because they lost the election to get there foul smelling LYING-Money grubbing-power hungry MURDERING socialist bitch in the white house ANY AND ALL TRUE AMERICANS SHOULD STAND UP AND FIGHT WE NOW HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT IS FIGHTING FOR US LET US JOIN HIM

  • Harry Brown says:

    fucking stupid cowards… this guy was and is allowed to feel like he feels but the poor white trailer trash and the nigrats are out of control… come to pa we have something waiting for you assholes

  • Harry Brown says:

    i would have slapped the shit out of that stupid white cunt…. love how she said what your afraid to walk out of the park alone… yeah bitch cause 10 would have jump on top of him… your a brave cunt when you have other white trailer trash around you… come to pa bitch we will slap the shit out of you

  • paulette says:

    These people are literally demon possessed and dont even know it,the cop said the right thing

  • Alex says:

    Did anyone else notice the Castro/John Lennon want to be in the crowd these people can’t even be original when they try to protest. They are the ones were terrorizing the streets and people of Charlottesville not the other way around

  • BillWhit says:

    I am all for putting the Leftist Scumbags in the dirt where they belong! Only good Leftist Antifa Coward is one that is maggot food and they all need to be made into maggot food! They want a war, lets give them one and not stop until we eliminate each and every Leftist within our Nation, and that means, the entire godless Democratic Communist Party also and every Congressman who belongs to the godless Democratic Communist Party. Think of what a great Nation we would have, successful, all citizens loving our nation and willing to work hard to make it even greater, but it can only be done if we exterminate the fecal maggots called the brainless Left! Be Prepared People, they are pushing for it!

  • CF