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TheBlaze on Monday reported about a threatening Antifa mob chasing a videographer during a weekend protest in Portland, Oregon — after which unsympathetic riot police told the videographer that “we’re not gonna come out and save you.”

Well, another journalist documenting Antifa’s courageous deeds got it way worse that day from the far-left masked avengers — and video showed police gathered nearby. The journalist said cops did “nothing.”

Brandon Brown — described by conservative writer Andy Ngo as a “local citizen journalist” — was recording video of Antifa gathered on a street when the mob turned on Brown.

Brown’s cellphone camera stayed on throughout the ordeal, showing at least 10 Antifa thugs surrounding him before several began poking him with umbrellas. Indeed, Portland police confirmed that some protesters used “metal-tipped umbrellas” to jab “people and chase them down the street.”

Another video from a different angle showed Brown getting grabbed from behind.

Brown’s video caught one the Antifa militants kicking him.

As the mob continued to pursue Brown and ordered him to leave — yelling “Bye, Nazi!” and cursing him out — one gave him a face full of what appeared to be pepper spray.

That was it for Brown — although one brave Antifa soul can be seen leaving the safety of his pack and facing him down one last time:

Brown can be heard on his own video complaining of not being able to see.

And then — right toward the end of Brown’s clip — a large group of police officers on bicycles came into view, apparently a block or less from the incident. Brown noted in his video description that “police stand by and do nothing.”

Portland police on Tuesday didn’t immediately respond to TheBlaze’s request for comment on Brown’s claim.

The following is Brown’s video — and below it is the shorter clip of the incident shot from a different angle. (Content warning for both videos: Language):


  • Evangeline says:

    Why are those cops not fired for NOT DOING THEIR CIVIL DUTY, protecting their citizens? I see this kind of story a lot in the news, that cops refuse to do anything to this American terrorist group when they attack people. Any cops standing their witnessing someone getting personal harm to their body and doing nothing to stop it should be fired! Plain and simple.

  • Cj says:

    This man needs to sue every person in that city government &, every person in state government!!! If everyone starts doing this, the assfarts will no longer have support. Every one of these dickless wonders, who don’t want mom to see their faces and kick them out of the basement, needs to spend time in jail. They will NOT do well there!

  • Fran says:

    If a Democrat gets elected this will become the norm. They love this kind of violence. Anita Is what they are going to use to keep Americans in line. They arrested a Trump supporter for using pepper spray but they encourage this kind of criminal activity. They need to look into who is supporting this group and lock them up. It’s only going to get worse if they go unpunished. This needs to stop before innocent people get killed.

  • Jack Scarpon says:


  • Dan the Man says:

    Portland Oregon is getting bad. I will never again visit Portland for any reason whatsoever. They have lost my tourism dollars and those of a lot of my friends as well. I had wanted to return to visit the Rose Gardens and the Zoo as well and would have spent over a week there while sightseeing other areas. It’s obvious the Mayor, the Police Chief, and a lot of the Officers just don’t care about the public/citizens anymore. So the hell with them and the hell with the residents of Portland due to their allowing this crap to happen….

  • John stevens says:

    Cowardly lil bitch ass antifa thugs. Covered faces because they are pussies. I carry & I would have put a hole in you. Cowardly punks.

  • CF