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On Tuesday, actress and feminist activist Ashley Judd made an appearance in a campaign ad for Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Apparently due to medical issues, Judd’s face was noticeably puffy. The actress’ name trended online as mean comments poured in over her appearance.

“My friend [Ashely Judd] made a few calls to people who chipped in a few dollars to our campaign. I’m proud that our campaign is grassroots—built by people, not Super PACs or billionaires,” Warren boasted, captioning a video of Judd making said calls. “Chip in $3 tonight, and Ashley could call you to say thanks!”

Reacting to the comments, Judd posted a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, blasting “misogynistic savages of both sexes” for making fun of her and explaining her medical complications, which are apparently alleviated by frequent botox injections.

Judd said she learned about the Twitter controversy over her face “from caring friends.”

“The misogynistic savages of both sexes have come out, as have plenty of folks who empathize and see it for what it is (woman bashing),” she wrote. “I find it a gendered way to distract from my political speech: the hate happened in response to a video in support of the Presidential candidate of my choice.”

Judd said she’s suffered from migraines for over a year.

“Have I had botox? It is a standard treatment for the ailment that I experience,” the feminist said. “My union insurance pays for thirty-one injections every twelve weeks. (Some friends suggested that I not post this medical fact, because it can be excerpted and used against me, but I think it’s honest and real and is a public health message. Shame on anyone who distorts my words.)”
The actress also explained that she’s been unable to workout due to the migraines, which has contributed to “some un-fun weight gain.”

“What I know is that misogynists on Twitter have been slaughtering me compared to my pre-weight gain idealized self,” she continued. “My conventionally thin, athletic, ‘pretty’ AcroYoga body, and more slender face, is merely the flip side of the same patriarchal coin.”

“Those of you who are talking about my female appearance, making assessments about my worth and desirability are basing your opinions on wholly gendered norms,” complained Judd. “The good news for my empowered self is I don’t take compliments any more seriously than I do slurs.”

The feminist noted that “as a cis white woman,” the “hate” she’s receiving “is pretty generic compared to women of color, to my friends in the LGBTQIA+ communities, and those of diverse lived experiences.”

“[W]hen women speak up, we still get beaten up,” Judd contended. “Speak up anyway. The slings and arrows will come, but your voice and the body from which it comes is beautiful, courageous, powerful, and necessary.”

“Conversations about our female bodies will continue to roar — both about us and outside of us. What I know for sure is that my peace is on the inside, in spite of the patriarchy and all who participate in it, male and female,” the actress closed the post.

“And to those for whom this is obvious and redundant, thank you. I feel you.”

Posted by Ashley Judd on Thursday, February 13, 2020


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  • Evangeline says:

    I agree with her. Shame on people for spouting off the wrong conclusion. We don’t know her. I just googled migraines and it is a remedy used for them. I feel bad her migraines are that bad. I will say a prayer for her.

  • MJ says:

    She had no problem spouting her loud filthy mouth about cheetos orange Trump and his supporters. I have no sympathy for her. She cried foul about Weinstein, yet when she thought it would benefit her career, she had no problem going to his apartment late at night for a “business” meeting. She is a fake just like the presidential candidate, Liz Warren she supports. She is a sleazy nasty woman who thinks her opinion matters to everyone. It does not!

  • Hobbygirl says:

    Ms Ash, no hate here, but make no mistake….I am not cis gender, I am a female, I identify as female (period!). I have no hate in my heart for those who fulfil the alphabet, I just don’t want to know how they identify, or what sex they choose to be on any given day, or what gender they choose to have sex wit….it’s none of my business. As for your migraines, many people get injections in their forehead, hairline & down the neck…but it seriously looks like you’ve had a bad facelift, maybe stick to just around the eyes.

  • Doug says:

    No Assley, we don’t hate women, we just hate YOU!!!

  • errollus says:

    That’s Ashley Judd? You’ve got to be kidding.

  • On says:

    Filler, botox , booze, and hate are not a good combo and it shows. As for Migraines they put the botox in the back of your neck and in between your eyes it does not transform your face like that if you are getting it done just for medical reasons. Typical libral ,has an excuse for everything and a problem with the truth. She can spout off about whatever she pleases and insult the president, his family and his voters with her vile comments like saying Trump lusts for his own daughter and calling him a cheeto in reference to his skin color, making fun of his hands, but God forbid she get insulted. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She has money , and resources most regular hard working Americans don’t have access to, like the best Drs, personal trainers, dieticians. This big drama queen should just shut up and take responsibility for herself.

  • CF