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ASSANGE RELEASED: New Email Shows Soros And Obama Planning Supreme Court Coup



If at first you don’t succeed–cheat, cheat again!

Different from the version we all heard as children, I know, but you might as well know how our opponents think.

As I just reported, the Democrats tried everything they could to rig the election and “inaugurate” Hillary Clinton, including using 3 million illegal immigrants for votes.

Did it work?


Does that mean the Democrats won’t try it again?

Hell no!

In fact, they’ll try even harder to flood the country with illegal aliens and then double down on throwing election with those illegal voters.

Likewise, we now know that the Democrats have used–and are using–paid agitators to try to intimidate Trump voters and overrule his victory.

Did it work?


Will it work?



That’s up to us as conservatives.

If we pat ourselves on the back because Trump won the White House, we are practically begging for liberals to outsmart and “out-hustle” by this time in 2020.

If we get lazy and give in to “tunnel vision,” then we have no one to blame but ourselves when an “anti-Trump” rigs his (or her) way into the White House in 2020 and mercilessly reverses everything President Trump worked for.

So, before you get tunnel vision, here are two shocking-but-true things to keep in mind.

1 – George Soros is still actively trying to rig America’s Supreme

2 – The Trump movement is literally “us against the world.”


In the first place, consider this small but explosive email between George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and a top-tier DNC exec, John “Molesta” Podesta:

This cunning collusion was penned literally the same day that Justice Scalia was found dead. Talk about sympathy for the dead.

As I have reported before, there is ample evidence that the Democratic “powers that be” played a dark and direct role in Scalia’s death.

His death was, however, just one attack in a larger strategy, as this news from only three months agoshows:

George Soros and his money is behind practically every effort by the left to destroy the Western world.  The Daily Caller reports that a leaked document indicates that George Soros’ Open Society Foundation orchestrated what Peter Hasson called a “well-funded attempt to secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement…”

That’s right — Soros and his minions actually tried to buy a Supreme Court decision in order to uphold Barack Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration.

Hasson added:

“The February 2016 memo was among thousands of internal OSF documents released to the public by anonymous hackers whose stated goal is to ‘shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.’ … One section of the memo is devoted to ‘reports from the field,’ including a report titled ‘Immigration policy and Syrian refugees: Steps Forward and Back in a Volatile Time.’”

Here’s an image from that document, posted by Hasson:


“Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas,” the memo says.

That case, Hasson noted, addressed Obama’s executive order giving legal status and work permits to millions of illegals. …

Fortunately, the Court struck down Obama’s executive amnesty, dealing the White House a setback — but you know they’re not going to stop…

Like I said, now is the WORST time to “rest on Trump’s laurels”!


Lastly, never forget that the Trump Movement is not just an insular turf war among American politicos. No: it is the spark plug of a massive global revolution in favor of nationalism, patriotism, race realism, and the incineration of rootless cosmopolitanism.

Just look at how bent out of shape the United Nations already is, and Trump hasn’t even taken the Presidential Oath!

Yes, the UN is freaking out over the Trump win and what it means to their globalist agenda.

Trump has already appointed a well known climate-change skeptic to his administration (in the EPA!), the U.N.–as the pretty face of the globalist agenda–is terrified that the fiscal tap is being shut off and their pet interests will no long lead the American president around like a leash on a dog.

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