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There is more than enough evidence today for the American public to demand an audit on the legitimacy of the coronavirus numbers.

There have been hundreds if not thousands of reports of fraudulent cases.

And for some strange reason the CDC demanded America’s doctors count even suspect cases in their coronavirus counts.

The medical community is perpetrating a fraud on the American public.

33-year-old Florida nurse Danielle DiCenso passed away back in March.

Her death was thought to be due to the coronavirus.

But it wasn’t.

Danielle died from a kidney infection.

CBS12 reported:

A report from the Palm Beach County Medical examiner obtained by CBS12 News shows that a young Wellington nurse believed to have passed from COVID-19, was never infected with the virus at all.

The report shows that 33-year-old Danielle DiCenso died from “complications of acute pyelonephritis,” otherwise known as a kidney infection.

DiCenso was quarantining at home when she died suddenly in her sleep. Before she passed away, DiCenso was tested for COVID-19 after she was reportedly exposed to the virus at work.

Her husband, David DiCenso told CBS12 News that the young nurse was not given proper PPE at her job at Palmetto General in Hialeah. He said she began experiencing coronavirus symptoms in late March, and her test came back inconclusive.

DiCenso was still waiting on official results from the coroner when he spoke to CBS12 News back in April, but he said he had no doubt that she was exposed to COVID-19 at work. He was surprised when his wife, who he believed had no preexisting conditions, died suddenly.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    There no longer is real journalism or reporting. We are now in the era of Jumping to Conclusions writing.

  • wanda says:

    There is big money involved for each state and health facilities from the fed. They are paid on the basis of the counts. That’s why you see the false data coming forth and some have been discovered.

  • CF