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A study carried out by Area Vibes showed that the names of first lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump Kushner have significantly increased in popularity among parents of newborns since the beginning of the Trump administration.

The data showed that the names Melania and Ivanka both surged in popularity unlike some of the names of the first family.

Melania has been used 227 percent more as the name for a baby since 2015, and the name Ivanka has been used 362 percent more in the same time period.

The name Barron has also increased 90 percent in the past three years, while the names Tiffany, Donald and Eric have all lost ground.

Area Vibes turned out research showing the most popular names for babies, the most popular uncommon names, and what types of names are making a comeback in their report.

“In this project, we pored over years of Social Security Administration data to analyze how naming trends have developed over the decades,” the Area Vibes website said.

“Our findings provide both chronological context and current insights into American naming habits,” the site added. “Moreover, we’ve studied how naming trends differ geographically, observing the rise of particular names in various regions.”

According to the report, the fact that names like Ivanka and Melania have surged in popularity could have to do with a movement toward the use of more uncommon names.

“Our data indicate that an average of 330 new baby names were invented annually between 1950 and 2017, but unconventional naming is now far more common than in the middle of the 20th century,” the study said.

“In fact, 2017 welcomed four times as many unique baby names into the world as 1950, despite the fact that the total number of infants born was roughly equal in those years.”

Meanwhile, a recent report from CNN showed that the first lady’s popularity continues to increase.

The October poll showed that Melania Trump had a 54 percent approval rating across the political spectrum, which was up three points from June.

The popularity of the first lady’s name is the reverse of what happened in 1992, when the name “Hillary” dropped in popularity, according to AreaVibes study.

Overall in the United States, the study found that even though birth rates have dropped 11.2 percent since 2007, unique baby names are four times more popular than they were in 1950.

The top name for girls in 2017 in the United States was Emma, by a landslide. The top names for boys were Oliver and Liam.

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