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A New York Times reporter provided a different perspective after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) criticized President Trump for pardoning former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio last week.

Sanders accused Trump of standing “on the side of racism and discrimination” with his pardon:

The Times’s Maggie Haberman noted Sanders’s wife had once toured Arpaio’s tent jail with the former sheriff:

Haberman’s tweet was met with a slew of angry responses. The Times reporter was mocked for “losing credibility” and being a Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter who is still stuck on taking the former Democratic presidential candidate down despite the election being over:

Haberman attempted to clarify her tweet in response to her angry followers, saying she was not trying to make a false impression of Sanders and was unable to tweet out her full thoughts in 140 characters.

Adding: “It was an interesting moment in time and the tweet from Sanders, possible candidate, was a reminder of it.”

Haberman also retweeted The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel, who gave an explanation of what he believed she meant:

After that didn’t seem to help to quell the anger over her tweet, Haberman apologized to her followers.

“First tweet was poorly phrased, I realized, and I RTed @daveweigel to make clear precisely what I was referring to,” she wrote, adding, “But in no way was I trying to suggest J Sanders was aligned with Arpaio. I was trying 2 point 2 their confrontation.”

  • Sal belardo says:

    Is that the same Bernie Sanders who lost to a felon and a prostitute? By the way has his wife been indicted yet?

  • robert g bernardini says:

    Bernie the Boot licking fraud go kill Killary’s boots you fraud and sell one of your masions and donate to Texas flood victims then retire your no longer valid or go back to your real homeland Russia where you got married you old fool !

  • Sue Madaus says:

    Sanders you are a nasty old loser. We the people gave you our mandate so sit down and shut up

  • Vic Bailey says:

    Funny Bernie needs to get his wife a good lawyer on the Fraud charge, Besides the people in Sheriff Joe’s Jails were CRIMINALS, today we treat Criminals better than we do our Veterans and that should change a CRIMINAL IS A CRIMINAL so why do they get so much more than our Veterans and Old Retired Folks? Joe was doing it right most everybody that was in the Sheriff’s jail NEVER wanted to return, can’t say that about all the other prisons in America they are more like Spas with 3 hots and a cot. That is punishment what Sheriff Joe did, don’t like it, DON’T break the law. Semper Fi.

    • Brenda Tollison says:

      Vic I have to tell you I LOVE everyone of your posts. They’re always spot on! Thank you for your voice of reason. I’m not sure if you ever mentioned that you served, but if you did Thank You so much for your service

  • Betsy Cox says:

    So funny or strange how corrupt people find fault with our President. Where was you at when Obama pardoned all the criminals he pardoned. You should be worried about your corrupt woman who should be in jail right now. Lay off Our President Trump.

  • Roger Kovach says:

    Detractors certainly have a problem when they have their noses rubbed in the truth, don’t they?

  • CF