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Bette Midler, a singer and actress, who thinks of herself as a political activist also, said Texas shouldn’t get a federal help because they were skeptical of Washington, D.C.

It seems people would learn that mocking the victims of the hurricane is unacceptable, but apparently, she didn’t.

Journalist Richard Fausset wrote an article in The New York Times, saying:

“For Republicans, who dominate Texas government, anti-Washington sentiment is more than just a red-meat rhetorical flourish — it is a guiding principle. […]

Now, though, it is Texas Republicans who will be crucial in securing, and helping to coordinate, what is likely to be one of the most ambitious and costly federal disaster-relief packages in American history, one that will almost certainly run to tens of billions of dollars.

There are few doubts that a Republican-dominated Congress will end up delivering aid to a battered state and key base of Republican power. But along with an outpouring of support, the process is raising eyebrows and drawing charges of hypocrisy.”

Midler’s followers on Twitter quickly attacked her insensitive comments about Texas, where there were 60 people died after the Hurricane Harvey hit.

And as one user pointed out the most harmed victims were from Harris County, a liberal area.

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  • Sylvia says:

    Why do celebs always have to open their mouths is it bcos they felt forgotten and need to make nasty remarks. The folks who suffered the loss of family and friends homes and businesses bcos of the Hurricane didn’t ask whether they were Democrats or Republicans b4 assisting them their natural survival instinct kicks in everyone jumps in to help where it is needed at a times like this it doesn’t matter who voted for whom lives were on the line so stop with the nasty remarks

  • Janet Rerister says:

    You are so hard hearted! Your type of person is why there is so much hate and rioting in this country. Texas citizens are showing the rest of the nation how to behave and show respect for each other no matter what color, political view, religion, sexual preference, or how anyone voted. We are all human beings in need of help and help is what Texans do!! It is neighbor helping neighbor.
    First responders were neighbors! And in the end, we don’t care what you think!! I hope you never need any help due to a disaster. If you do, Texans will not be there to help!

  • Michael Newberry says:

    Remember Kathy Griffin? You can end up just like her. Learn something from her, and shut your nasty mouth.

  • Samantha says:

    I’m almost 70 young and have never seen so much stupid, condescending arrogance. Why are these non residents of Texas worried about what we do. Wonder if jealously, nah,they have no balls.

  • Ann Tracey says:

    Because of her political stance no one should get any help! Disgusting. We are all fellow Americans! The people of Texas no matter race, color,creed, and political views need our help. Disgusting thing to say!!!!!! Will NEVER see you or support you after that disgusting comment!

  • CF