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Have you noticed lately how many big-time Trump haters are getting walloped by karma?

Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, and whacko Robert De Niro are just a few that come to mind.

Kimmel got “canceled” by the mob, Ellen’s nasty personality caught up with her and her ratings took a dive, and now De Niro, who runs around telling everyone he wants to “punch Trump” in the face, is facing financial ruin.

Yep, the guy who has been pushing COVID lockdowns is now watching his entire “restaurant and hotel empire” collapse before his very eyes…and suddenly, the lockdowns don’t look so great to Bobby.

Between lack of Hollywood work, the COVID lockdowns, and a massive pricey divorce, Robert De Niro is in such bad financial shape he’s now borrowing money from friends to stay afloat.

From Bizpacreview:

Anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro, a far-left, pro-lockdown zealot who’s been adamant that society must not “return to normal” amid the coronavirus pandemic, is now whining that the ongoing coronavirus lockdowns have hurt his finances.

Appearing virtually in court this week as per his ongoing divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Grace Hightower, De Niro tried to defend his decision to cut his wife’s monthly AmEx allowance to $50,000 from $100,000 by citing the same lockdown measures he’d seemingly been more than happy to see be imposed on regular Americans.

“[L]awyers for De Niro said he cut Hightower’s credit card limit because he’s taken a huge financial hit as the restaurant chain Nobu and Greenwich Hotel, both of which he has stakes in, have been closed or partially closed for months with barely any business,” Page Six reported.

“De Niro’s lawyer, Caroline Krauss, told the judge that Nobu lost $3 million in April and another $1.87 million in May. And he had to pay investors $500,000 on a capital call, which he borrowed money from his business partners to make, ‘because he doesn’t have the cash,’ Krauss said.”

You gotta love how karma works—never sleeps on the job. All of these rotten people are finally getting their comeuppance and it’s a wonderful thing to see, especially after they’ve spent years attacking President Trump and his supporters, calling us every rotten name in the book. Good riddance to all of you self-centered good-for-nothing global elites.

  • Karen is nice says:

    He’s not getting big royalties either b/c no one wants to watch this nutjobs movies now. P E D O

  • August says:

    Nobu is the restaurant chain that trashy Kartrashian/Jenner family of gypsies eat at all the time; their poor employees who have to deal with that trash…

  • Larry Lawson says:

    Demented Donny EPSTEIN Guilty Drumpf is NO CONservative. He is a lefty Liberal zioNUT like his gurlyman CRIMINAL son in law Jared 666 Kushner and Princess INCEST Ivanka ARE! Both HUGE Clintons fans too he puts in charge of EVERYTHING. Trump is an anti-gun LIBERAL who is as EPSTEIN GUILTY as the Clintons he PRETENDS to be different from. All FOR Epstein RAPING / BLACKMAILING / 911 MURDERING ISIS ISRAHELL! Get it?

  • sowhat says:

    Analyse that, you moron

  • Lisa says:

    I see the elitist now understand how capitalism works. No customers, no money. Lmao. They want to make cash they need to be more in line with those who spend it. Not calling us names. Communism will take the rest if these morons get their way. Idiot’s!!

  • CF