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Attorney General William Barr just broke his silence after the Democrats, led by Jerry Nadler, held him in contempt.

William Barr joked about a contempt of Congress vote on Thursday. During a farewell ceremony for his Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Barr poked fun at House Democrats.

“You like records,” Barr said at the Justice Department event, referring to Rosenstein. “This must be a record for an attorney general being proposed for contempt within a hundred days of taking office.”

After the Justice Department defied a subpoena to hand over special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report for the Russia investigation, the House Judiciary Committee voted to cite Barr for contempt of Congress on Wednesday, but did so along party lines. Meanwhile, the White House asserted executive privilege over Mueller’s findings.

Republicans voted against the contempt resolution, arguing Democrats are seeking to drag out the Mueller probe, which found no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russians, but made no determination about whether Trump tried to obstruct the investigation.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., told the press that the United States is now in a “constitutional crisis.”

From Fox News: But Nadler took a very different stance on contempt back in 2012, when House Republicans took the same step against then-AG Eric Holder for refusing to hand over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, where DOJ officials tracked thousands of guns smuggled across the border but did nothing to stop them.

“Just joined the #walkout of the House chamber to protest the shameful, politically-motivated GOP vote holding AG [Eric] Holder in contempt,” Nadler tweeted in 2012.

He joined more than 100 Democrats in walking out over the vote to hold the Obama-era DOJ leader in contempt.

Then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., argued House Republicans were more politically motivated in attacking Holder than driven to get to the bottom of the failed operation. “What is happening here is shameful,” said Pelosi.


  • rcb says:

    The dum[dem] leadership doesn’t “have the time to read the entire report”, they are much to busy for such a mundane chore. They want underlings,lawyers,clerks to scour and find any uncrossed T and undotted I…..and report those to nanner and chuckie. Take them to the woodshed, and beat them with a switch POTUS…..they are not interested in America one little bit……

  • Cecelia A Henderson says:

    Just look at the Democrats reaction to Holder’s contempt charge, when he clearly withheld evidence to protect his own butt. Now, Barr refuses to release parts of the Mueller report that can not be released because they are protected by Law. You can bet that if Barr released this unredacted report, it would be leaked in a matter of hours, possibly harming American citizens. Either way, Barr is following the Laws passed by Congress, so Congress needs to stop this nonsense and follow their own enacted decisions.

  • Woody W Woodward says:

    We have a House of Representatives who for the most part do not represent us. They represent only their own political agendas. I,speaking as a citizen, hold them in far more contempt than they could ever imagine.

  • pat says:

    “constitutional crisis.” He is right. The democrats want to destroy the Constitution while the Republicans want to keep it.

  • Margie says:

    Democrats are behaving like The Gestapo Nazi’s!!
    America “ Let’s Take Em Down”

  • Kevin says:

    William Barr & President Trump are our Hero’s!!
    Compare William Barr to Winston Churchill!!
    Fight The Communist Nazi’s!!!
    George Soros is like Bin Ladden, Find Out Where He’s Hiding &
    Drop The Bombs & Destroy everyone of them!!!

  • CF