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I can’t believe this woman complied when being told to get to her knees and apologize for her white privilege.

This is where we are in 2020. What a year – and it’s only half way through.


James Woods posted a video on Twitter, writing: ‘Re-education camps next?’

  • Simon says:

    And this ISN’T “racist”????
    What gets me is that if the police had shot a white man, there wouldn’t be ONE black face protesting!
    Indeed, anyone remember Rodney King? That was followed by black faces kicking the sh1t out of any white face they could find!
    Anyone remember the OJ verdict? Black faces jumping around celebrating a (de facto) black face “getting off”, even though THEY KNEW that he had butchered two people, but they were ‘only’ white people.
    Now we see them back to demonstrating their dissatisfaction by stealing a TV! WTF?
    Black f*cks like this animal, are more than capable of shooting themselves in the foot! If they REALLY think that ALL white people are the enemy, then they are even more stupid than they look. IF EVERY white person despised black people, black people would be F*CKED! END OF! And much more of this anti-white crap, and there will be only two political choices in the US, pro or anti-black supremacy. Then they’ve REALLY got problems.
    Be careful what you wish for.

  • frederick says:

    Another reason to never leave home without a weapon. You have blacks shooting blacks again. A young black girl was shot/killed when she wanted to get into her vehicle and leave the riots because they were getting out of hand. Shot in the back by another black. Another one was killed in a vehicle after being rapes repeatedly by a bunch of BLM thugs. This was on the first night. How many other have been killed and nothing reported because it was Black on black. These people do enough damage to each other, they do not need white help. The best video I watched was a mother knocking the hell out of her son because he wanted to riot with his BLM buddies. That mother knew that he very likely would be killed by a cop or a BLM with a gun. Has anyone ever checked how many black cops there are in black neighborhoods as apposed to white cops??? One of Saint George’s “murders” was black and another was Chinese. That only left two white guys. I guess that is the reason all the BLMs and other criminals are rioting and destroying black neighborhoods. It all make sense when you understand that BLMATTERS…

  • Art LaPella says:

    My taxes support welfare for minorities, so if anybody should apologize, it ain’t me. One reason they’re on welfare is that employers can’t always be coerced into hiring them. But if those minorities would assimilate like some other minorities, no such coercion would be necessary.

  • CF