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Numerous disturbing videos were circulating social media showing a black Michigan man beating elderly white men and women in nursing homes.

Jaydon Hayden is reportedly from Westland, Michigan and beat elderly white nursing home patients for sport.

There are three videos right now on Bitchute showing the man beating white people.

The man is filming himself beating the seniors in their beds until they are bleeding.

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton said the watchdog group contacted authorities after he was alerted to the disturbing videos.

“This was also posted on my Twitter feed and Judicial Watch contacted authorities who then, in response to our concern, arrested this person. Thanks to those who helped us get this done.” Tom Fitton said.

Tom Fitton said according to his sources, the man was arrested.

  • Sally says:

    WHY in the hell did it take TOM FITTON to contact the police???? How many damn people watched and forwarded these videos without reporting them? It isn’t just this asshole that is a problem, it’s every damn one who watched it without reporting that are just as much to blame. How many people got beaten up after the first video surfaced? EVERY ONE of them would have been ok had someone reported this MF to the police before he had a chance to strike twice. God help this world. THANK YOU to TOM FITTON however for getting the job done, that is one Good Guy there, love ya Tom.

  • Tommy Ryan says:

    Hmmm…some people will most likely get butthurt if I use “the proper definitive words” & simpler vulgarity; SO I’ll put it THIS WAY:

    THAT “lazy, worthless, falsely entitled, non-contributing individual” should be locked in a prison with the “sodomites” in the worst “penitentiary” known…& those sodomites told to “have sodomite intercourse within their discretion” upon said “lazy, worthless, falsely entitled, non-contributing individual” until that described “lazy, worthless, falsely entitled, non-contributing individual” ceases the ability to perform “proper lower bowel function” from the actions of repeated “sodomite intercourse” by said “sodomite inmates” WITHIN said “penitentiary”.

    Is that better?

  • Polly says:

    This is what ha when people turn throwbacks Christ.They are invaded by demons

  • CF