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BLM Activist Attacks White Cop For Shooting Terrorist and Tucker DESTROYS Him



Following the Ohio State terrorist attack yesterday, you may have seen this DESPICABLE Tweet by Tariq Nasheed.  He questioned whether the Police Officer who shot the terrorist and saved COUNTLESS lives should be considered a hero…


This is PURE racism. He is attacking the white police officer instead of celebrating the fact that he shot a terrorist who was stabbing other students. Well Tucker Carlson had Tariq on his show in an EXPLOSIVE segment that is going viral!

(Watch The Video Below)

Tucker tells him how “cowardly” of a statement he made because he didn’t explain what he meant by saying “that’s interesting.” Tucker asks, “Why is that interesting, would it have been better if this guy, the murderer, had continued to hack people with a butcher knife, is that what you’re saying?”

Tariq then tried to say WHITE AMERICANS were playing the “race card” by pointing out that this was a Somali refugee.

Tucker pointed out the series of RADICAL tweets Tariq made and specifically the one where he refused to even call the attacker a terrorist.  

Tucker asked, “If you drive your car through a crowd of people, and murder someone with a knife, are you not a terrorist?” 

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After the segment, this guy had the NERVE to call Tucker Carlson a “White Supremacist”


This guy is sickening… WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Source: Subjectpolitics

  • Joellen says:

    This guy is what we call a crawler. They crawl out to get their self their minutes of fame. Then when they are called out on their crap they crawl back racist are more in the left then ever in the right.But they can’t see their very racist ways and their biggist selves.He needs to shut the hell up asap he’s a dumbass

  • Ben says:

    He’s a “dindu nuffins”. Black people have contributed very little to humanity in the last 4 thousand or more. Just name calling, double talking, race cards, violence and half truths.

  • Tom says:

    Truth in advertising matters. This bad guy violently attacked innocent people. He brutally infringed on their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We know he is connected to ISIS. The random white police officer who put himself at risk to stop this radical islamic terrorist did the right thing. Thank you sir.
    If you come here to hate, you should leave now.

  • David says:

    He is a racist he spews out trash but no one has the guts to prosecute him why because he is (“black”). We have let the Obama administration stop us from enforcing our laws they have left these blacks get away with burning down properties rioting stilling anything that wasn’t tied down he is part of the blm terrorist group that attacks this country using lies and miss information to fuel their agenda. And people of color are more afraid of blacks like this ass that couldn’t even answer one question about what he wrote. Most people of color that go to their job takes care of their families work with their neighbors don’t want to be a part of this miss they know that it’s all lies so that the blacks can continue drawing their welfare checks so they can refelct the truth about everything so they can use the racist cards. Blacks oppress themselves so they can continue their intitlement ways and use the race card to try to defend their criminal lifestyle. Illegal immigrants and black criminal gangs are doing everything they can to destroy this country because they believe that they are intitlied to anything they want without following the laws or doing what it takes by working legally.They no respect just like this guy not for this country the people in this country nor for themselves they are selfish disgraceful disgusting people that truely don’t deserve what this nation has. But i guarantee you that not a one of them will go somewhere else to live because they know they have it made here. But it’s time to start punishing the people that relishes in the destruction of peace between all the people. And prosecuting the people that continues to protect terrorist group by saying it’s a religion. But this guy he just has hatered in his heart for everyone other than his racist buddies my guess is that he has never raised a finger to help any black community or poor white community he just runs his mouth never knowing what he is even talking about just as long as it’s racist against white folks.

  • CF