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The left is saying Michelle Obama is more friendly and compassionate than Melania Trump, they eve hired a “body language expert” to prove it.

Yup, that is a lot of crap.

Daily Mail published an article about Melania and Prince Harry meeting on Saturday. And with a help of a “body language expert”, they concluded that the prince was feeling uncomfortable around her.

They presented a series of photographs along with the story, photographs taken as a formal photo shoot, and yes, they are a little cold and awkward, but that is expected when the photo is formal.

“He started with his hands clasped and he’s gesturing very low to the body. It felt like he needed to protect himself during the interaction,” body language expert Patti Wood said.

Apparently, Melania Trump is an intimidating woman.

“It’s proper etiquette,” Wood said. “But it’s interesting because it assumed there’s something to be a little bit concerned about.”

She said Harry had a forced smile because he felt like he “should be smiling but I can’t be smiling.”

“There’s a lot of tension. It’s polite but beyond that to a slight fear and tension like “Am I doing the right thing?” Wood stated.

The website compared them with the meeting Michelle had in 2015 with Prince Harry and said that he was feeling more comfortable with the former first lady.

“If you look at them, look at the eye contact see how they’re having a moment with each other,” Wood said about the meeting.

“They’re connected, isolating everyone else out but that didn’t happen this time with Melania,” she said.

But it appears that Melania and Harry also shared a moment together that The Mail didn’t present to its readers.

When the official photo shoot was over, few photos were caught of Prince Harry and Melania Trump being casual and comfortable with each other.

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  • Lori Smutney says:

    Body language “expert” or not, could it be possible that Harry met with Michelle Obama over eight years, and he and Melania may have had very little time together, so far. Regardless, bullying the first family seems to be the American passtime. And speaking of “pass”, how can men, MEN, of this country be so crude concerning support of a beautiful song, about our beautiful country, who are paid ridiculous salaries. When the Pittsburg Steelers stayed in the lockerroom rather than “disrespect the national anthem”, it was just as disrespectful. And I when one of their players who’s an ex-Army Ranger, came outside, and stood there with his hand over his heart, I burst into tears.

  • Elly says:

    BS. Prince Harry is very relaxed and comfortable with Melania otherwise he would not sit with hus legs wide open like that. He also knows Melania is hip so he made the sign with his hand, she was an International well travelled model not some mumsy housewife.

  • Betsy Cox says:

    When I saw Our Beautiful First Lady with Prince Harry my first thought was wow what will the jealous media do with this. They even hired a body language expert How corrupt can they get?????

  • Rita says:

    Did you really expect anything positive? Those Liberals just get lower & lower every timothy open their mouths. What’s next???

  • Rita says:

    That’s every time they etc.

  • Judy Parsons says:

    Looks to me that Mrs Obama is vying for his attention, where as he acts more interested in Melania & what man wouldn’t?

  • CF