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After Bombing Syria, Trump Just Came Out On TV & Said 4 Words That’ll ROCK The World!



NBC just an hour ago reported that the U.S. military has launched 50-60 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase in retaliation for chemical attacks.

Here is the video:

In case you missed it, Trump said the following 4 words about Syria. He said that it is:

A “Vital National Security Interest”

President Trump is now currently at Mar-A-Lago and is meeting with the Chinese President to discuss trade. According to the Associated Press, here is Trump’s statement so far on the air strikes.

*** GOD BLESS TRUMP! He just did the 1 thing that nobody expected him to do.

H/T Lbertywriters

We do not need concerned patriots that do not trust Trump to start whining right now. We have to hold the line. Our President has just made a huge move that will make everyone respect him.

What do you thin about this comment below.

  • Dr.G.Delaney says:

    Our President has been chosen by ALMIGHTY GOD for a time as this to rule and lead this NATION back to where ALMIGHTY GOD wants AMERICA,this is ONE NATION UNDER ALMIGHTY GOD,He Blesses AMERICA and OUR POTUS IN JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN.

  • CF