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BOOM: After Syria Chemical Attack, The Revenge Is Coming…



President Trump has ordered cruise missile strikes against a Syrian regime military airbase, a defense official said late Thursday.

A U.S. official said “more than 50” Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched at the airbase, located in Western Syria. That base was where the U.S. believes the Assad regime carried out a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians this week. The strikes were carried out from two U.S. destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea.

Trump is expected to give a statement later Thursday. CNN reported that the attack was carried out between 8 and 9 p.m. ET.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) praised the strikes during an interview with CNN.

“I think it was an important step,” he said. “This was not some symbolic measure.”

According to Fox New, President Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida that the strikes were in the “vital national security interest of the United States.”

  • Sharon Saunier says:

    I believe God is leading you , I have peace about this . I am sure God has a plan ….. I am praying for you . I know you are a chosen leader for America….. I am not about to second guess God . You are OK. If you doubt yourself go to the Bible and read about some of the battles God orchestra.. He didn’t spare children or women or Animals… check it out …. God will lead you . I Trust you fully .

  • For all You hate Monger’s, that was not a fake Chemical Attack. I watched as soon as News came in. It was completely real. So Horrific that I nearly lost My Lunch. Can’t make that Shit up! Babies were literally dying in People’s arms. So disturbing and SAD. Those innocent Children didn’t choose to be born into that culture. President Trump & His Advisors did the right thing. It is a shame that Trump wasn’t President 4-8 yrs ago. Obama & Hillary let ISIS expand everywhere. So now it is hard to track them all. Great! Now using Drones to do more damage, dropping more Gas at the Hospital . Russia or Syria? But Officals do have Tracking of the Planes & Surveillance of the Assholes getting the Gas & loading onto the Planes. This is a War Crime!! Now Russian Destroyers getting closer to Ours. World going Nuts, or to Hell in a Handbag fast. Something needed done about this Barbaric Act. I just can’t believe that People think this was fake. Wake up People. We’re going to be next.

  • CF