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A group of 70 senior government officials who worked with various Republican administrations dating back to Richard Nixon endorsed President Trump for re-election on Monday, citing his accomplishments on foreign policy and national security.

In an open letter, 70 former officials, including governors, senators, national security advisers, military generals and ambassadors from the Trump, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Reagan, Nixon and Ford administrations, lauded the president for pursuing a “strong foreign and national security policy in America’s interests.”

“We also believe that a president’s duty and loyalty are owed, first and foremost, to the American people, and not the international community, which is consistent with strengthening our alliances and friendships,” the letter said. “For all of these reasons, we have concluded, that Donald J. Trump should be re-elected as President of the United States.”

The initiative was spearheaded by KT McFarland, a former deputy national security adviser to Trump; Christopher Burnham, the former assistant secretary of the State Department and Under Secretary General of the United Nations during George W. Bush’s presidency; Charles Glazer, the former U.S. ambassador to El Salvador under Bush; and Deroy Murdock, a former member of the Department of Education during the Reagan administration.

“President Trump has, in less than four years, achieved a remarkable number of successes on behalf of our nation,” Burnham said in a statement to Fox News. “His opponents bristle at his methods, but the scoreboard speaks for itself. America is winning and we want to keep winning — therefore, we urge our fellow Americans to vote for Donald Trump.”

Notable signatories include former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former U.S. ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.

Statement by Former Republi… by Fox News

The authors pointed to Trump’s imposition of sanctions on Iran, North Korea, Russia and China (in particular touting his hard-line stance on the Beijing government); his efforts in securing additional funding from NATO allies; the peace deal that he helped broker between Israel and the United Arab Emirates; and the authorization of a drone strike that killed Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

“President Trump’s foreign policy has strengthened America’s national security, advanced the cause of peace in the Middle East, and has held the Chinese, Russian and Iranian governments accountable,” Glazer said in a statement to Fox News. “President Trump has and will continue to have the fortitude and leadership to keep Americans safe, at home and abroad.”

According to a Fox News poll published on Sept. 13, Trump has a 46% approval rating on foreign policy. That’s slightly below his overall job approval rating of 48%.

  • KDL says:

    And to know the demorats all hate him for the accomplishments has made. @ “Trump 2020”

    • Susan Meyer says:

      Democrats don’t have enough sense to realize just how good they have it under President Trump. They even blame him for Covid-19. How can this be Trump’s fault when what China did affected the whole of planet earth including China. Democrats, try putting on your thinking cap. Yes, President Trump has a different style, but there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that President Trump loves this country. Who else would risk losing their fortunes and do this most stressful job without taking a penny. Yes, he doesn’t need the money, but there have been numerous other rich Presidents who took the money and sold us down the river. WAKE UP!!!! During my lifetime I have seen just one good Democrat President. That was JFK!!!!

      • F*** thedems says:

        And Trumps style shouldn’t bother the dems one hit because, look at what they have been up to! If what Trump says or does upsets the left then they all have some serious mental problems because calling for defunding police departments across the nation and in some cases, getting rid of paid police completely, letting lunatic domestic terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BLM run around looting, killing and destroying cities on a nightly basis, and making up all sorts of lies to try and impeach Trump, and all the other bs they have pulled is NOT. What normal, sane people do!

    • Tony says:

      That tells you exactly who the democrats are: American hating communists.

    • RIC CARTER says:

      Study the military industrial complex, and those named involvement. They are losing millions and billions if peace is achieved.

  • F*** thedems says:

    Lol remember how nuts the left went when we killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani with a drone? They called a murder and said he was an innocent man!!! THAT alone is reason enough for anyone to not vote democrat brill at least Schumer, pelosi and Schaffer are gone from office! And then there was Pelosi defending MS 13 when trump was. Going after them and called them Animals… lol she actually said publicly that “they (MS13) had a spark of divinity!” WTF??? Where’s that spark when they are killing kids just for fun or to prove they are worthy to join the gang?

  • CF