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BREAKING: California Congressman BUSTED Launching Coup Against Trump – Lock Him Up?



One of the many great things about President Trump is that he’s helped expose the traitorous rats in our government. The anti-Trumpers in every corner are showing their true colors.

The latest politician to put his criminal nature on full display is Ted Lieu, a member of the U.S. House from California. Congressman Lieu has created an official website on how to leak to the press to hurt Trump (via Twitter). He’s literally institutionalizing treason!

Lieu is a staunch Democrat representing California’s 33rd District. He spends his days on Twitter badmouthing President Trump — yet criticizes the president for using the social platform.

In this leftist’s latest grab for attention, he’s created a page that provides instructions for leakers who want to reveal classified information from the Trump administration. Lieu is encouraging people to betray our country!

Congressman Lieu showcases is also being dishonest about his website. Although he says he “created an official website,” it’s not a site at all. Rather, it’s a PAGE on his House of Representatives page.

However, this makes what Lieu is doing even more alarming. Not only is a sitting member of Congress spreading information on how to commit treason, he’s doing it using a government website — a website funded with taxpayer money!

This is beyond SICK! And what makes it even more stomach-churning is the way Lieu paints his pet project. Leftists always sell their subversion as something honorable and ethical. It helps them sleep at night.

For instance, Congressman Lieu claims to help federal employees who “wish to break the Administration’s communications blackout on federal agencies.” What “blackout?” This “blackout” has been around forever. It’s called CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, and it’s classified to protect American lives.

There’s also a section called “Know Your Rights.” Wait? What “rights?” Since when does a federal employee have the “right” to leak information that will put our national security at risk? Since when does someone have the right to commit treason? Here’s a clue, Mr. Lieu: Traitors have no rights. They have the right to go to jail. Maybe that’s where you want to go, too?

This corrupt Democrat acts like he’s providing a public service. What he’s really doing is betraying our country. Does he really think this is good for America? If his beloved President Obama were still in office, would he be teaching federal employees how to leak information? Of course not! He wants to discredit President Trump, but in the process, he’s endangering our country.

We as citizens must be proactive in cracking down on traitors like Ted Lieu. He CANNOT be allowed to promote treason on a government website. What he’s doing is criminal and calls for severe punishment.

Call or write to your Representative and Senator today. Demand the government immediately take down Lieu’s page on! Then, tell them to use constitutional procedure and PUNISH Congressman Lieu for disorderly conduct.

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  • Barbie says:

    Make.him do prison time. This is obstruction against “We the People”, PRESIDENT TRUMP, and our Constitution.

  • Lin Curran says:


  • Anne says:

    The sad thing is Californians choose to continue to want to be represented by people like Pelosi, (you need to approve it to find out what’s in Obamacare), Crazy Maxine, (Impeach her), and Lieu. (By the way Nancy, Mr. Donald Trump is our current President, not Bush). Wake up and try to pay attention.

  • larry miller says:

    I don’t care if you like or dislike the President, any act against the president or the office is an act of treason or war. We voted someone to office that would do the job of up holding the laws of the USA. So if the law states he goes to jail then put him there.

  • G Robert Jones says:

    Traitors should be ended.

  • Randy Doig says:

    It’s very apparent that we have a large part of the population that thinks they may act outside our existing laws. This government/any of our governments need to exercise the current laws or this attitude is allowed to grow. We don’t need to change the law just in force it! The scum bags will soon fall in line and act like a decent citizen.

  • Ray says:

    Just assassinate Lieu for treason. Im sure someone out in California will do the country a favor.

  • CF