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BREAKING: Congress Calling For IMMEDIATE Investigation Into PRESIDENT OBAMA’S Role In Russian Hacking! [DETAILS]



Reports from The Hill claim that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be investigating the response of Obama administration to the Russian hacking. Sen. Bob Corker is overseeing the committee and they’re planning to hold a closed-door briefing with the administration officials. The briefing will be held on Thursday.

According to other reports from The Hill, the Obama administration have announced a slate of economic sanctions at the end of December, with whom they targeted the FSB and GRU – Russia’s two main intelligence organizations along with four individual GRU officers, and three companies which provided support to the GRU. Six individuals that implicated in the campaign will also be targeted.

Corker stated late last year that the committee would probe the Russian hacking allegations as well as a boarder review of the U.S.-Moscow relationship.

“We are going to systematically walk through the entire Russia issue and fully understand what has transpired.” said Corker.

According to statements of the committee, the administration has refused to provide witnesses for a public hearing so far.

Along with the Foreign Relations Committee, the Intelligence and Armed Services committees are also expected to investigate allegations that Russia slipped their fingers in the race for the White House.

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Source: Usanewsflash

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  • Brenda Snipes says:

    I trust Trump! Pray for him and support his efforts.

  • Joellen says:

    Amen this is all a bunch of crap and I don’t believe a bit of it she could get crowds before the DNC FACE it she’s a foul person has been doing criminal acts since her first job and never stop what they done when Bill was president we wasn’t letting here in

  • Marge Furman says:

    This is a bunch of hogwash. He should be investigated not Mr Trump or the Russian intelligence. INVESTIGATE & BRING OBAMA TO FACE ALL HE HAS DONE ILLEGALLY.

  • CF