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BREAKING: Congress Just HAMMERED Obama – They’re Taking Away His…



We previously reported that the company Cantor Fitzgerald will be paying Obama $400,000 to give a speech for their health insurance conference in September.

The size of Obama’s paycheck is frustrating to many Americans who don’t understand how Obama can rake in speaking fees while receiving a taxpayer funded pension as well.

Everyday Americans don’t receive Social Security if they are working. Shouldn’t the same rule apply to government employees?

Obama definitely doesn’t think so, and vetoed a bill last year that would have put a limit on the amount of money former presidents are allowed to earn if they want to keep receiving their full pensions.

Unfortunately for Obama, his veto may now be worthless.

From Angry Patriot:

Recently, Obama has been giving talks to Wall Street in return for large sums of money. As a response, Congress is going to introduce a bill which will curb a president’s pension if they take over $400,000 of outside money.

If this bill can get past Congress, President Trump is likely to sign it. It would be a huge step in the fight to stop politicians from trading their influence for money.

President Trump doesn’t have to worry about this bill affecting him in the future because he is rich on his own. It’s a large part of why he won the election!

Obama on the other hand has no problem accepting Cantor Fitzgerald’s bribe. All he’s been good for since becoming an ex-president is relaxing at various locations around the globe. The occasional speech money allows him to keep up his lavish lifestyle.

If Obama wants to follow in Hillary’s footsteps and work the speaker’s market, then his taxpayer funded Secret Service protection, salary and personal expenses should be cut.

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  • Sherry Polack says:

    For eight years all did was take are money spend any way he could it seems, plus we did not riase in are social security checks but he got his for sure we get it once in while one time he gave $ 100.00 one time and that was we got after we did not get hardly any thing after that. What gets me how he help the Welfare people by giving them more money to them more money and they have never work day in their life it’s not fair for sure. They should look in to the system and clean house and geti it straight around put them to work and make real money for change. That was Obama and Hillary faults they don’t need that much money really cut them back. They money took from us has to come back to us they do’nt need it they been all of them work they bunch of crooks for sure, they start cleaning house get rid of the jerks for sure it’s not fair the rich take are money it has to stop for sure.

  • Wanda says:

    Yes his salary should be cut along with medical n especially secret service. Secret service cost so much more due to unlimited outside speeches.

  • CF