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BREAKING: Dem Senator’s Nasty Deal With Mexico Exposed



Joe Donnelly is a Democrat Senator from Indiana. The Senator is also a business man, and above all else, he is a wholly hypocritical liberal.

The Washington Examiner reported that Donnelly earns approximately $50,000 a year in dividends from his family business that outsources jobs to Mexico. You might be a little uneasy that he is taking jobs away from hard working Americans, but that isn’t the worst part. Joe just so happened to throw a fit when a company called Carrier sent jobs to Mexico to save money on labor.

It doesn’t end there. Donnelly also opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which seems like an odd thing to fight when you are padding your pockets off of the labor of the Mexican people.

This is what Donnelly had to say regarding the NAFTA: “Outsourcing is just a fancy term for ‘someone in Indiana has just lost their job.’” Oh, that is just RICH, Joe. You want to criticize people for taking jobs away from YOUR hard-working state, but you have no qualms about taking away jobs when you are the one doing it.

His state voted for Trump over Clinton by a staggering 20 percent. We don’t think that there is a good chance for his reelection in 2018.

His antics go further than his hypocrisy on outsourcing. Joe also goes out of his way to bad talk Trump every opportunity he gets. That kind of childish behavior–coupled with nothing to support the nonsense coming from his mouth–is shredding his chances of winning in 2018.

The icing on the cake is that this is the same guy who decided it would be a grand idea to fundraise off of Obamacare when HALF of the insurers in his state picked-up and moved out to get away from the health care exchanges.

If he wants to win the election, he better start praying now. The odds of him getting enough support to stick around, even with loyalists fighting for him, are slim. He is going to need a miracle.

Now we can all see Joe Donnelly for what he is–a hypocrite who will lie to make himself look good politically. In his business operations, he is all about sending work to Mexico so he can make $50,000 a year. It is shameful.

You would think he would be trying to find new ways to build new jobs in the community, interact with the people who are supposed to reelect him and make himself look like an honest person. Instead, he is just making a mockery of himself and his party. It won’t be long before Election Day comes and all the hard workers in Indiana show him what happens to hypocrites in Indiana.

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  • jncb says:

    typical hypocrit moron what he does is ok, what you do is not.

  • Barbara Johnson says:

    Remember this mans name Joe Donelly democratic senator from Indiana do not reelect this scum bag he was making a profit from his family run business that out sources their company to Mexico to make a better profit and make sure that this way they do not have to use American workers. Just another liberal that wants to profit at all costs with out even a thought to Americans in his state that still might need jobs.

  • I’m glad he’s not in my state; we already have enough of these scoundrels!

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  • linda says:

    Don’t vote for him get him out

  • CF