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BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Ended All Recount Rumors! See His Epic Response!



With Jill Stein raising money for a recount that will only see the excess funds going into her own pocket, it seems hard not to point out how obvious a scam this is. But millions of dollars have been raised in people hoping to contest a result that is already final.

This is unbelievable even for the left side.

Now Donald Trump has come forward and addressed these rumors head on.

See his full statement below.


Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted and she never meant a word that has come out of her mouth that wasn’t beneficial to herself.

Hillary Clinton lied to Donald Trump and the American people when she said it was time to unite and move forward with the country, but we should have all known that that was just a lie.

Hillary Clinton has now joined Jill Stein in pushing for a recount in the swing states in the Rust Belt that lost her the election.

Donald Trump wasn’t having any of her nonsense and shut those rumors down for good. This is a scam and the only people that benefit from dragging this process out even further are Jill Stein who will make millions from the crowdsourced money that she raised and probably has no intention of spending on a recount.

Share this everywhere to show that Donald Trump is not having any of this nonsense and that he is our next president!

Source: Usapoliticstoday

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  • Luisa says:

    Sore losers.

  • CF