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BREAKING – Donald Trump Makes THIS Big Change to Inauguration



Donald Trump will have an inauguration like no other, and the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) just announced how different it will be than those of the past!

President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence are “roll up your sleeves and get to work” kind of guys. The pair of patriots want a respectful yet brief inaugural ceremony, so they can dig into the business of making America great again.

“The inauguration and inaugural is a representation of the president-elect and a representation of the vice president-elect,” Boris Epshteyn, the PIC communication director, told Breitbart during a tour of the committee’s inaugural planning office.

Sure, there will be excitement and fun during both the day and evening on January 20, but it will be vastly scaled back. Unlike Obama, who had ten balls to attend after being sworn in, Trump wants to head straight to the Oval Office, so he can start taking the action necessary to fulfill his campaign promises.

“What does that mean? It’s all about the people,” Epshteyn added. “It’s not about any one celebrity or any one entertainer or about any of those folks sipping champagne and cocktails somewhere in the Hamptons or in Beverly Hills. It’s about the American people.

Donald Trump is holding with the tradition of hosting the Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball. George W. Bush initiated the ball, which Obama also hosted.

However, Trump is expanding the scope of the event. In addition to inviting enlisted members of the United States Military to the ball, the 45th president of the United States is also sending invites to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, veterans, military families, and wounded warriors.

“We’re so proud of the amount of support and outreach we’ve received from all over the country. This inaugural will represent the people. That’s one, and two it’s about getting to work right away,” the PIC head continued.

Trump will only have three official inaugural balls. The people can celebrate having a patriot finally back in the White House, but the man himself will be burning the midnight oil on our behalf.

“Donald J. Trump is all about getting to work and making sure Americans are safe in their homes, safe in their jobs,” Epshteyn also noted. “Look at the news that just came out this week:  8,000 jobs being brought to America between Sprint and OneWeb.”

The outsider Republican president does not have a bevvy of deep-pocket donors and lobbyists to thank and schmooze with on inauguration day. The only ones he truly has to thank are We the People, and he will be doing just that by skipping all the elbow-rubbing with elites and getting down to business ASAP.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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  • Missy Daly says:

    President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, I just appreciate you two so much. I love every decision you have made. Welcome to the White House! I’m so grateful that you are honoring all those that serve this beautiful country with their very lives. What a beautiful way to start your presidency Mr. Trump. Very Beautiful!

  • Trish says:

    Wonderful to finally have a president that does not take advantage of the American people by spending all our hard earned money for foolishness. So glad God saw fit to have this man elected to office. God bless America. On the road to recovery after the last 8 terrible years.

  • Tammy Woods says:

    Let the sunshine upon our Nation once again! My dear father-in-law a true American who fought for our Country in the Korean War has backed Donald Trump since he announced he was running for President. My father in law ( Lamond Woods) a true Christian has said, “Our God will find a crack in our Corrupt America. He will split this crack open and let the poison out, and heal our country again.” I firmly believe this to be true as we are living this right now. Together Lamond Woods and our son Jason Woods , a true American Patriot love our Country so much and we all have prayed so hard for this moment in time and history. Our family ❤️ You President Donald J. Trump!

  • Donna F. Bailey (Marvin) says:

    To Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence.
    I will be proudly watching as you are sworn into your offices.
    I personally do not care who performs or who doesn’t but I am proud of the man who would have the pride and joy of our country participate in his inauguration in any way.
    Thank You Sirs.
    My husband served in the USAF during the Vietnam War and died on 1-1-2015 from complications of cancer caused by Agent Orange. He would be so proud of this action on your part.
    The last administration embarrassed him a great deal.
    Again, thank you.
    Make America Great Again!!!

  • Michelle Sepulveda says:

    What a relief to finally get a real leader back in the White House.. Many congrats to President Trump and Vice President Pence… Can hardly wait to see the positive changes you have in store for AMERICA… I know you will make America Great again

  • steve milton says:

    Wow I thought it was because nobody wanted to come or preform for comrade Trump!Gopeed!

  • CF