BREAKING: Election Recount IS A SCAM! Jill Stein Was Just Caught Red Handed...
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BREAKING: Election Recount IS A SCAM! Jill Stein Was Just Caught Red Handed…



Awe, sorry Liberals. It looks like you should have just saved your money instead of giving it all to Jill Stein. In case you are wondering, it is EXACTLY as bad as it sounds…

Despite having raised over $6 million of the $2 million she requested initially, Jill Stein’s campaign just announced they will NOT appeal the decision in Wisconsin to skip the recount!

But WAIT! Didn’t Jill Stein say that the reason she needed all that extra cash was to cover an appeal? Hmmmmmm….Very strange if you ask me…

I bet you guys are wondering what’s gonna happen to all those millions of dollars now that she is backing out. I cannot say for sure other than the fact that it will NOT be going back to the donors.

Now, what she did was not a crime. Her petition stated very clearly that she would get to keep any unused money to use as she sees fit. This right here is EXACTLY why I hate crowd sourcing.

Crowd Source funding has its merits, but it is also frequently used to scam morons out of tons of money with next to nothing in return. Honestly, you might as well spend your money on scratch off lottery tickets that have some kind of pay-off.

Now that Jill Stein has shown her true colors and Hillary Clinton’s final attempt at stealing the presidency have been crushed it will be very interesting to see how the Democrats react.

If you are excited and proud to be a part of Trump’s America, show your support by sharing this with all your friends and exposing Jill Stein!!

Source: Libertywritersnews

  • Joellen says:

    Dems are sad and disgusting taking people’s money knowing there’s no chance ughhhh

  • David says:

    She is just a sad sad lady that couldn’t win a prize in a crackerjack box!!!

  • Anthony Smith says:

    This lady is so full of shit her eyes are brown !!!! Just plain dumb …. nothing she just said is worth a damn…

  • Minnie Billups says:

    I am so happy to be a fan of Donald Trump President.Elect. I supported Him from the very beginning. I knew He would do good, He care for someone else besides His Self and Family, He wants Families to have Christmas and food on there table . That is what God wants for Us. Do not take from other people, Honor God, tell truth at all times even though it may hurt at the time, but you will not have o tell another lie to cover the last lie

  • CF