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BREAKING: Electoral College Makes MASSIVE Announcement – IT’S FINALLY OFFICIAL!



Shortly after 3:30 pm Monday, Donald Trump officially became President-elect Donald Trump. Despite desperate attempts by democrats to convince Trump electors to deliver a conscience vote for a different candidate, Trump easily won receiving the clinching 270th vote when Texas’s 38 electoral votes were announced.

The democrats mounted many direct attacks against democracy under the guise of stopping Trump. There were the failed recounts. There were the Russian rumors.

There were celebrities attempting to bully electoral voters. There were even outright threats against the Trump electors.

Lawrence Lessig, leader of one such effort, even claimed he had close to 20 ‘Faithless electors” who would vote against Trump.

Giving false hope to millions of gullible Hillary supporters around the nation. As Michelle Obama said, you all got no hope left anymore.

Time to join with America in supporting President Trump… or get the hell out of the country like your Hollywood idols.

Trump has to right the ship and make America great again, and that’s no easy task after 8 years of failed Obama. so he needs and expects everyone’s support.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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  • Mivhael w. Walk says:

    You have our support from the beginning and now, we supported you always. Mike and Sharon Walk.

  • CF