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Federal officials have notified socialist Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to boost his presidential campaign in an effort to impact who becomes the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump and other top lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been informed about Russia’s efforts to boost Sanders.

Top officials “have repeatedly warned that Russia has ongoing plans to interfere in U.S. elections and foster divisions among Americans, part of a strategic goal to undermine U.S. standing in the world,” The Post reported. “Some analysts believe that the Kremlin’s goal is to cause the maximum disruption within the United States, and it throws the support of its hackers and trolls behind candidates based on that goal, not any particular affinity for the persons running.”

Sanders has a long history of being cozying up to Russia, including when he was the mayor of Burlington.

The Washington Post reported earlier this month:

One issue involves Sanders’s stance toward the former Soviet Union, a record that could undercut Democrats’ ability to criticize Trump for being too close to Russia today.

The documents from the Sanders archives include a letter from Soviet Embassy First Secretary Vadim Kuznetsov in March 1983, congratulating Sanders on his reelection as mayor and thanking Sanders for receiving him in Sanders’s office. Kuznetsov had been in Burlington to attend a conference on nuclear disarmament at the University of Vermont a few days earlier. Neither Sanders nor conference organizers appear to have read a 1976 Time magazine article that identified Kuznetsov as a member of a “Soviet intelligence squad” posing as diplomats to infiltrate U.S. politics.

In 1988, Sanders traveled to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon and forged a “sister city” cooperation program there. Many believe he gave a rosy depiction of conditions there just a few years before the communist system collapsed.

One potential reason Russia may be seeking to boost Sanders is that he has a history of being highly critical of U.S. military and defense spending, suggesting that drastic cuts need to be made in order to fund his far-left socialist programs.

Cuts to the U.S. defense spending would make it harder for the U.S. to counter increasing aggression from Russia.

By contrast, Trump has been harder on Russia than any president in recent memory.

Here are some of the following actions that Trump has taken against Russia:

  • Trump has repeatedly enacted tough sanctions against Russia and Russian oligarchs for a wide range of offense ranging from election interference to supporting destabilizing actions in Ukraine.
  • Trump expelled over 60 Russian diplomats from the U.S. after Russia engaged in an assassination attempt in the U.K.
  • Trump played a significant role in securing an extra $100 billion in funding for NATO, which serves to counter Russian aggression.
  • The Trump administration killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria.
  • Trump has aggressively tried to prevent Russia from expanding its influence in the energy sector in Europe.
  • Trump proposed buying Greenland last year in an apparent attempt to counter increasing Russian aggression and influence in the arctic.
  • Trump has repeatedly gone after Russia’s top allies, including China, Iran, and North Korea.
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  • Pat says:

    And all the talking heads on cable tv are saying that Trump is a Russian asset………again! It’s Bernie, NOT our president!

  • Linda says:

    And, Bernie is feeling the anguish of being associated with Russian interference in his favor by Putin. He said that Putin is President Trump’s friend, not his. That’s going to be a tough sale, as wimpy socialist Bernie would be easier to control than President Trump. Awww, Bern, this is going to stick to you, like gum on your shoe.

  • Susan Bittner says:

    Federal officials? The ones ruled by Pelosi, Schiff and gang?!? They’re just starting rumors about Russia against Bernie and Trump so they can try to establish wrong doing. This will let them sit for another 4 years as they try to investigate the POTUS TRUMP and try another impeachment! Bernie – he’s just going to cheated out of the nomination by this and whatever other crap the gang starts flinging between now and the convention!

  • Mary Johnson says:

    Why would they the Russians not help Sanders after all he is one of them.

  • Gus says:

    Federal Officials notified Sanders?? Which ones” The ones that paid for the phony dossier against President Trump and lied to FISA Court. Those Federal Officials??? If it was not so pathetic it would have been funny, very funny.

  • CF