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BREAKING: Hillary GOING DOWN! Trey Gowdy Makes HUGE Announcement On Investigation



It was a guaranteed feature at every Trump rally: The huge crowds chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” They were referring, of course, to Hillary Clinton, hoping that, if elected, Trump would see that the Clinton cartel finally faced justice.

Trump seemed to waffle on that implied promise during his 60 Minutes interview, leaving some supporters disappointed.

However, one powerful man still seems determined to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire.

The U.S. Herald reports:

As it turns out, the overwhelming defeat she suffered at the hands of the American voter wasn’t the only bad news Hillary got on Tuesday night as South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, her nemesis who won his race and will be returning to serve on House Committees, [has] had her in the cross-hairs and in the hot seat. (…)

Following Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against Clinton, Gowdy subjected the director to a blistering cross-examination before the Oversight Committee, forcing him to acknowledge the numerous instances when she lied to the Committee – and to the American public.

Of course, even if Gowdy’s investigation is successful, there remains the distinct possibility that Obama will pardon Clinton and Co. as one of his last official acts.

Source: Joe for America

  • Samantha says:

    But Obama can’t pardon her on everything. And I have a question if he pardons her ,who’s going to pardon him.? And if she’s not charged with EVERYTHING, save the good for last when Trey can prostitute I mean prosecute her stupid evil crooked ass !

  • Samantha says:

    Can Obama really pardon someone with no charges ? Weird I pardon her for murder ,I pardon her for fraud .The list is a mile long.And she will have to Face her maker.because an alcoholic doesn’t live very long , and if Killery did no wrong she wouldn’t need a pardon right ?

  • Norma Jean Sovereign says:

    Why would he pardon someone that hasn’t been charged with anything yet? She is still under investigation?

  • Marge Furman says:

    They must both be accountàble to go to prison.

  • CF