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Attorney General Jeff Sessions offered his resignation on Wednesday, a day after the midterm elections.

According to Sessions’ resignation letter, his move came at the request of President Donald Trump.

Trump had indicated during a news conference earlier in the day there would be changes in his cabinet now that the midterm elections were over.

He tweeted afterwards that Matthew Whitaker, chief of staff to the Attorney General, would be taking over for Sessions.

“We are pleased to announce that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, will become our new Acting Attorney General of the United States. He will serve our Country well,” Trump wrote.

“We thank Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his service, and wish him well! A permanent replacement will be nominated at a later date,” Trump added.

Trump had voiced his frustration with Sessions on multiple occasions following the DOJ chief’s decision to recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation in March 2017.

The president stated that he never would have appointed Sessions had he known the former Alabama senator would make that decision, which precipitated the naming of Robert Mueller as special counsel over the Russia probe.

In his resignation letter, Sessions defended his tenure as AG writing that he and his colleagues at the DOJ “have restored and upheld the rule of law” and “aggressively advanced the policy agenda of this administration.”

He cited efforts directed toward enforcing immigration laws and cracking down on “transnational gangs,” as well as prosecuting those contributing to the opioid epidemic.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a member of the Judiciary Committee, said during an interview on Fox News in August that the relationship between Trump and Sessions “ain’t working.”

“If they can’t repair this relationship, and I don’t see that happening, the president deserves an attorney general he feels confident in that can lead the Department of Justice in a more effective way,” Graham stated.

He counseled at the time for Trump to wait until after the midterm elections to make a change.

In a statement following Sessions’ resignation, Graham dispelled any rumors that he would be replacing him, tweeting that “I will be part of a larger Republican majority in the United States Senate.”

Graham added, “I look forward to working with President Trump to find a confirmable, worthy successor (to Sessions) so that we can start a new chapter at the Department of Justice and deal with both the opportunities and challenges our nation faces.”



  1. Silas Longshot

    November 8, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Another of the many RINO saboteurs that have plagued the Trump administration for the entire time of his presidency. This is why we’ve wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on a hate-fest witch hunt that has found NOTHING on Trump, while totally ignoring the democrat corruption from 0bama on down that went on.
    Good riddance, enjoy your ‘retirement’, Jeffy.

    • william faulk

      November 8, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      Everyone says President Trump fired him, but the truth of the matter is he was asked to resign. Technically there is a difference. President Trump has the right to ask for his resignation and that is a fact that Communist America is going to have to live with. Whitaker’s appointment is going to be a big blow to the dems. He wants to go after Hillary and that will open up a can of worms that will touch many in congress and from the former administration. People get ready for a lot of trials and the dems will be too busy defending themselves to go after President Trump.

  2. Randy

    November 8, 2018 at 5:29 am

    Except for the times when it came to investigating and prosecuting the clintons and other corrupt democrats.

  3. Sue

    November 8, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    He is a good man but not strong enough. Trump needs someone who will fight and take the trash out.

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