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BREAKING: John Podesta Comes Forward With SHOCKING Announcement- IT IS REAL!



The Electoral College was promised an access to the DNC intelligence by Hillary Clinton, but they have to put the declaration of Trump as president on hold.

As Mediaite reported, this announcement happened after 10 electors out of 538 asked for an intelligence briefing from federal agencies, after the suspicions that Russia was involved in the DNC hack and helped Trump get elected.

Here is what John Podesta, said about this initiative:

“The bipartisan electors’ letter raises very grave issues involving our national security,” Podesta said in a statement, according to Politico.

“Electors have a solemn responsibility under the Constitution and we support their efforts to have their questions addressed.”

“Each day that month, our campaign decried the interference of Russia in our campaign and its evident goal of hurting our campaign to aid Donald Trump,” he said.

“Despite our protestations, this matter did not receive the attention it deserved by the media in the campaign.

We now know that the CIA has determined Russia’s interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing Donald Trump. This should distress every American.”

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Source: Worldpoliticus

  • Txtchr says:

    All talk. Nothing can be proved. China, Turkey, Iraq and many others have hacked into our systems. Why are you not blaming them? Obama knew about the hacking years ago. It was prossibly hacked via the unsecure system in someones closet! Who was that? Obamas response was not to make our firewall and other security measures stronger, it was to hack them back! We hacked them too, under Obamas leadership! I wonder how Trump will handle hacking?!

  • CF