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BREAKING: Julian Assange Reappears, Proves To Hannity Entire Government Engaged In Scam



Although he has not been seen in public since mid-October, Julian Assange has not remained silent. Most recently he had a telephone interview with Sean Hannity.

As they both conclude, while it’s important to know the reality behind our political leaders, it can also be very disturbing to see how deep the corruption goes.

First of all, Assange makes it crystal clear, for the nth time, that Wikileaks’ source for the DNC/Podesta leaks “is not the Russians.” This totally refutes the endless Red Scare hysteria infecting sore loser liberals all over the MSM and social media.

As for whether the RNC was also hacked, Assange says, “We received about three pages of information [having] to do with the RNC and Trump, but it was already public elsewhere.”

Reince Priebus was right when he told Chuck Todd that the RNC was not hacked and that they have no idea who leaked the DNC’s emails.

The Russian fever dream conspiracy theory, Assange argues, “seems to be a desire–an extremely dangerous and foolish desire–to flip members of the U.S. electoral college around into getting up John Kasich or Hillary Clinton on the 19th [of December].”

It’s foolish, he says, because it won’t happen. More interestingly, though, it’s dangerous because the idea of manipulating the electoral college at the last minute “can be used in four years’ or eight years’ time for a sitting government that doesn’t want to give up power.”

Interestingly, Hannity then pivots to the news of multiple hacking attempts by the DHS into the Georgia state’s voter registry.

Assange claims not to know much about the Georgia/DHS hacks, and suspects they are either routine (but very clumsy) security diagnostic procedures, or, more disturbingly, that they were attempts at identity theft.

They then return to the topic of the source of the DNC/Podesta leaks. Assange is willing to deny that the source was “a state government”–in other words, the source was not Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, or any other official government entity.

However, adds Assange, he and Wikileaks “were unhappy” that they had to admit that the source was not a state government in the first place. Why? Because Wikileaks take it seriously–literally as a matter of life and death–to say NOTHING about their sources.

Source: Conservative Daily Post

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