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BREAKING: Levin Turns The Tables On Comey, Shreds Him In On-Air Rant



Former FBI Director James Comey has really revealed himself to be of despicable character. The man went on a personal vendetta against the president of the United States. Now it’s cost him his career — but he keeps trying to slander Trump.

Mark Levin, one of the most respected voices on the Right, had some grueling words for Comey. The Senators that quizzed Comey were clueless, but Levin made clear that Comey’s now infamous “notes” of his conversations with Trump DESERVE investigation and could prove illegal activity.

First, Levin questioned the supposed innocence of the notes. Comey brought up the note-taking to defame President Trump. He wanted us to think Trump was such a shady character that poor little Comey had to protect himself by detailing every word he had with the president.

Levin didn’t buy it. He asked if Comey kept notes of his conversations with Obama; with members of the previous administration; with any members of Congress? For Levin, Comey wasn’t keeping notes for his own memory’s sake. He was doing it to gather information to THREATEN President Trump and others.

This goes along with another line of questioning Levin had for Comey: why did you agree to a conversation and meeting with Trump that you say made you uneasy? Comey said he felt it improper to meet one-on-one with Trump. Then why did he go to those meetings?

Comey tried to pass himself off as a naive little boy being bullied by big, bad, Donald Trump. It’s ridiculous! Comey knew exactly what he was doing. He met with Trump gladly — because he wanted to gather material to use against the president.

For this reason, Levin had some more questions he wished the Senators had asked. Was Comey ever in communication with the Hillary Clinton campaign? If he was, that would be indicative of a conflict of interest. It would be a major piece of evidence that Comey is an agent of the Democrats; an agent tasked with discrediting Trump.

And then there’s the question of whether Comey is breaking the law with his note-taking. No one on Capitol Hill is asking this, but it’s the nature of Comey’s notes that’s the real scandal lying under the surface.

Levin asks, “Did you tamper with, alter or destroy any of your notes, Mr. Comey, at any time? With whom did you share these notes, if anybody, Mr. Comey? Where are the original copies of these notes, Mr. Comey? Are they in your possession or the FBI’s possession?

“You understand, Mr. Comey, that if they contain classified or investigative information, and you shared them with anybody, that’s a felony? You also understand that if there’s any evidence in your notes stating or implying obstruction of justice — and you failed to report that to the attorney general of the United States — that you’ve committed a felony, Mr. Comey?” (via Any Politics).

Levin goes on to question whether Comey has shared his notes with anybody or leaked them to the press. If he has, and they contained classified information, that would also be criminal. Comey is truly digging his own grave with his note-taking gambit!

It’s a shame Comey has betrayed his country to get cozy with the Democrats. We don’t yet know how he was bought and paid for, but the truth will be out soon. Then, it should be off to prison with this rat!

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  • doro says:

    POLYGRAPH! If both men take the lie detector test, we may get some real facts. It may not stand up in court…but it sure does bring out the truth in many ways.

  • Kathy Stefani says:

    Please make sure these questions reach the Senate Committee. None of them have the backbone to ask one of these questions.

  • Barbara says:

    I think Comey unwittingly revealed something important when he mentioned Hoover. It’s always telling when a mostly honest person can’t help but reveal something of his subconscious guilt

  • ken says:

    Comeys notes were written by Comey, as well as his statements under oath came from his memory. When his notes was written no one knows but Comey. it is his word against Trumps.

  • Irene Grooms says:


  • Phyllis says:

    I think the letter of the law should be maintained against Mr. Comey. He’s probably hiding his notes so he can get the millions offered for a book. Comey should be made an example of for the rest of the obstructionist group of people who should follow him.

  • CF