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A demonstration in Los Angeles against the death of a black man in police custody has turned violent after protesters stopped the flow of traffic on a major highway.

Video from a local news station showed protesters attacking California Highway Patrol cruisers, forcing them to flee the scene.

FOX 11 Los Angeles reported that one person was injured when they jumped on the police cruiser and fell off when it drove away. The person was hospitalized with what appeared to be a head injury.

Police responded with riot gear as the protests continued.

Other videos and photos from the protest were circulated on social media:

One video showed protesters attempting to burn an American flag:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva released a statement supporting the right to protest but admonishing protesters to reject violence.

“Peaceful demonstrations are a hallmark of our country. Violence is unwarranted and takes away from the message. I urge all of us to protest peacefully for the sake of everyone’s public safety,” the statement read.

Also on Wednesday, protests continued in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where a local reporter said protesters dragged a man out of his car because he had a “Trump” sticker on it, and numerous businesses were looted and vandalized.

Here’s local news video of the protest:

  • Bill says:

    I, TOO, am incensed at the death of George Floyd! But that doesn’t give other people the right to attack innocent people (especially police officers who are trying to protect people) or block highways. This has gone on since the 60s, and we have let those animals get by with rioting, looting, and other forms of violent behavior. When they start this violent behavior, shoot them down in their tracks, no matter how many you have to take out in the process!!!

  • Ron says:

    This just shows how stupid people can be! To take out aggression and being upset over what police did in another place on their own police only cost them more in taxes and other measures. In affect these people are punishing themselves and their local area!

  • Josie says:

    The goblins came out today. Im glad I dont live in or near LA.

  • elphupphy says:

    People need to just plow thru these animals. Protesting is one thing – out right rioting is another and needs to be stopped immediately. Run the mm over with semis a few times and they’ll get the idea. Hell, I’ll volunteer to drive one of the semis.

  • Frank Campo says:

    Who cares? It’s California. If I was driving down the Interstate and these twits got in my grill they’d be a hood ornament.

  • Grin n barrett says:

    Theft and violence? What does that have to do with what happened? It only makes things worse. Get an investigation done. Outside people are already slated to do it. We only saw the end result of the confrontation. We always only see the end result. We never get to see the “why” portion of what lead up the the outcome. We need ALL the details before we call for punishment, not half. We need to remain calm and in control of our emotions. Theft? Theft and destruction of property? What does that to except make things worse? Why would the businesses rebuild? I sure wouldn’t. Not in the same area where my life’s work was destroyed before my very eyes. When people have to drive 25 miles to buy a gallon of milk, they will scream they are being abused just because they burned down the businesses that they used to frequent!

  • Mike Balog says:

    I took an hour plus to skip around all the videos. Seems to me all the Minority Populations and some of the Social Justice Warrior White YOUTH were out around their neighborhoods starting with Organizers stirring up the crowds,

    I recognized the ANTIFA and BLM Activists, Communist Activists in the Crowds Stirring them Up.. It started with people chalking up intersections, some gathering with Bull Horns.. then saw the signs people held,,, and only a few areas of police presence. Didn’t see any Firefighters at all. Saw all the Mobs breaking into the stores,,,
    Looting them and setting them on fire. Then saw the Mobs confronting the police lined up to protect their own police stations. …

    What I don’t understand is, WHY the Mayor didn’t request the Governor Call Out the National Guard to have them
    deployed in the streets in the first place to dispense the crowds before full rioting broke out and the roaming
    mobs starting looting stores and setting them on fire. Where were the National Guard Troops? There is Now Tens of Millions of Dollars of Damages done in Minn. by the hands of Organized Bands of Rioters.

    Who is going to Pay for all that damage? The local Taxpayers, Insurance Companies for the Companies (maybe ) and small business homeowners do Not have that kind of money to Rebuild and start over. Early Part of the 20th Century or the last Part, Like the Rodney King Riots,,,, History Repeated Itself. Once I heard about that Black guy getting killed by the Police there, I just knew that Riots were going to happen soon after since ALL the young Ignorant and Stupid Punks are home from school with nothing better to do, being holed up for several months than This. And Finally, Two of the Four Police Officers were BLACK.. Why Didn’t They Come Forward and Stop that White Officer from kneeling on that suspects Neck? Why did they just stand there and do nothing at all. ALSO, No One In the Media mentioned that Suspect had 12 Felony Convictions, Many for Violent Home Invasions, Several Assaults, Burglary, Larceny, assaulting an officer. No one mentioned any of his record. The Police on the Videos asked him repeatedly to cooperate with them, He refused to do so. Have see several different angle videos from civilians and the police. As soon as the Mayor Heard of this incident, the National Guard should have been called up and deployed to the central business centers of those effected communities before the Looters, Rioters, and Arsonists had a chance to organize groups and fan out to the rest of the area. NOW it is reported these Same people are going into St. Paul across the bridges to do the same thing… Enough is Enough.

    ~ Mike ~

  • CF