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BREAKING: Major City Announces Bid For “Obama Boulevard” – What’s Your Response?



If we can agree on anything is it that Barack Obama helped run our country into the ground. President Trump is working on repairing the injuries left by the progressive former President, but now, people are talking about creating an OBAMA BOULEVARD!

Dennis Michael Lynch reports that a city councilman in Los Angeles, California, wants to rename one of the major streets after the former President. The councilman, Herb Wesson, wants to turn 3.4 miles of Rodeo Road into Obama Boulevard to honor his presidency. Frankly, we don’t get it. They wouldn’t name a road after a domestic terrorist, would they?

Wesson quotes his reasons for the name change — yes, they are all silly. His first reason is that there are already streets named after three other presidents; George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, so Obama should be next. We don’t think so.

The councilman went on to say the area is where Obama made his first stop the first time he ran for president. According to Wesson, it was a “historic” event, and the crowds went wild when Obama showed up to speak. He must have been napping for the past eight years.

Obama has put our country in a disgraceful position. He doesn’t deserve ANY credit for “running” this country. The only running he did was running our country into the ground…head first.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, to change the name of the street, there would have to be approval from both the L.A. City Council and the mayor of the city. We are hoping this approval does not go through. Obama does not deserve this kind of honor.

First of all, he managed to increase our national debt by 86% in the eight years he was in office. How can you DOUBLE the national debt in less than ten years and think youself deserving of a road with your name on it?

Let’s not forget that Obama worked with people like Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and others to try and nefariously prevent President Trump from winning the election. We are not even mentioning the illegal wiretapping and lying about it that he pulled off on both Trump, and those close to him.

Obama was involved in Operation Fast and Furious also, which is quite disturbing. The former President gave the Mexican drug cartels guns that were unmarked, and we want to give him his own street? Give me a break! It is a sick joke that the Right isn’t in on.

Worst of all, Obama brought the racial tensions in our country to an all time high. He would openly come out and cite “racism” as the cause even when the crimes committed had NOTHING to do with race. He encouraged the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matters, when they wanted to burn down all the rich white neighborhoods, according to a Chicago movement leader.

Obama has been NOTHING but bad for every single American in this country. We cannot believe that the elected officials in Los Angeles are even considering the possibility of honring Obama with something as immortal as his own street.

What do you think about this comment below.

  • kurmat says:

    Even the Chicago City Council wants street names only bestowed on dead honorees, so Obama should wait.

  • David says:

    He needs to be remembered as the WORST pres to date. PERIOD.

  • Rick says:

    The road leading to the city sewage treatment plant could be called Obama road… Just a thought……..

  • CF