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The individual shot by a Secret Service officer Monday evening near the White House during President Donald Trump’s press conference has been identified, according to the Washington Post.

Myron Berryman, 51, was identified as the man who allegedly approached a Secret Service officer at his post nearby the White House and said he had a weapon. Berryman shouted, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to shoot you,” according to the Washington Post.

Berryman has lived in Dayton, Ohio as well as Forestville, Maryland, and more recently Wheeling, West Virginia. He was reportedly a professional boxer from 2000-2004, according to the Journal News.

The individual, who was not named in the Secret Service’s statement, reportedly turned around, ran aggressively towards the officer and in a “drawing motion” withdrew an “object” from his clothing. The suspect then crouched into a “shooter’s stance” and was then shot in the torso by the officer.

The Secret Service statement does not specify whether the individual was armed, but he was reportedly unarmed according to law enforcement sources who spoke with CNN. Berryman’s sister, Sonya Hemmelgarn, affirmed that initial reports were inaccurate and told the Dayton Daily News that “Myron was not armed,” according to the Journal News.

“They said he had a weapon? He ran toward him?” Hemmelgarn told the Washington Post. “This is crazy. He is a man of God. He would not have a weapon for sure. His weapon is the word of God.”

She also told the Post that he could have been participating in protests outside the White House.

“We are still trying to figure out what is going on and how my brother is doing,” she said, adding that her brother remained hospitalized Tuesday in critical but stable condition.

The Secret Service said in their Monday statement that the agency would be conducting an internal review of the officer’s actions and that the Metropolitan Police Department was contacted to conduct an investigation.

  • Cecelia Henderson says:

    Sounds like a “suicide by police” from his actions.

  • Nick Byrne says:

    Most of the BLM and ANTIFA people are white. The only black ones are the ones that they put in front of the cameras and LIE to us, the American public. This is probably just like the George Floyd LIE. Anything to justify burning and stealing.

  • Grannie Good says:

    Good excuse, man of God. Who was that God, Satan? He might have been protesting or he might be a stone cold killer, let him shoot the officer then we sort it out. He didn’t kill so he live to protest some more.

  • Anthony says:

    It was reported by CNN and the sister that he was not armed. Really. CNN AND HIS SISTER. I can probably understand the sister since she was not there to witness but CNN. When have they ever told the truth in news?

  • Steve says:

    There MUST BE at LEAST 3 or 4 cameras with active video of the incident. Probably twice that number.


  • CF